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Rebekah King Rebekah King
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The pain, the screams, the cries for mercy. It hurt so much. She begged for it to stop. Bullets, knives, swords – they had all found her flesh before. She remembered the pain; she knew it well. She recalled it now. And now she knew she had never experienced true pain. None of it compared to this. This was entirely new, entirely different, entirely unwelcome and unwanted. She knew how that felt. Unwanted.

What had she done? Had she committed a horrid act of evil? Was this her punishment? Her penance for her sins? No. This was the act of one and one alone. Only he was responsible for the pain she was feeling. Inside and out. Physically and emotionally. Her body and her soul. How could he do this? The question repeated in her mind as her own screams drowned out every other thought.

He caged her, trapped, with nowhere to run. He bruised her, with cruel, constricting hands. He broke her, bones shattered, searing pain. He struggled closer, those hands stopping her from fighting. He stole her, took all that she had left to give. Violet wrists, scratches breaking her skin, one half of her face marked and bloody. And all the while, his words, his words, breaking her down. The cruel murmurings of a madman.

She fought as much as she could to keep the tears from escaping her eyes. She would not let him see her tears. She would not shed them for him. After all he’d taken, he would not take her tears as well. She could do nothing to stop the screams. The screams came of their own accord – formed from the pain. Why? She wanted to scream the word, but she would never ask for fear of the answer.

This was what her world had come to. It was a world where this happened. She’d always known, but now she accepted it. Now that it was happening to her, she accepted it. Accepted, but would never forgive. She knew she would never be able to look into his eyes again. Not in the same way. She thought she had despised him before. She hadn't known what hatred was. But now that she knew, about the pain and the hate, she would never forget.

Even after the worst pain was over, his words still continued. She wanted to rip out his cursed tongue. She wanted to do so many unspeakably evil things to him. All she could do was sob, sob for the passing of the pain. She opened her eyes to see him staring at her with a pitiless smile. She could not speak, she could not move, she had lost the will to scream. She merely stared back with a defiant expression, and a look in her eyes that said:

I will kill you for this, you monster.

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