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Ageless sweeping wind.Great line

Paul Day Paul Day
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I note you chose to rhyme bend with wind. People are genrally afraid to step away from perfect rhyme and get locked into "this has to rhyme" syndrome. My advice to my students at school has always been "Find the right word before you find the right rhyming word" This is a perfect example of a word that fits perfectly.

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Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
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For Charlie

I thought I heard the voice

of the ageless sweeping wind. 4 comments

Beckoning come fly with me

the tree limbs we can bend.

As we hoist them in the air

and lift them off the ground,

We can have a jolly time

and blow the leaves around.

We can huff and puff late at night

make it sound real spooky.

Swaying shawdows back and forth

driving people kooky.

When its time to settle down,

the bellowing will cease.

The sweetness of the gentle breeze

will fill youir soul with peace.

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