Warren Gates Warren Gates
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tiny typo- should be "you too were gone" not "to" Just trying to help:)

Warren Gates Warren Gates
Recommendations: 23

well said and something I feel myself

Daniel Sintos Daniel Sintos
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"begun" instead of "began".

Warren Gates Warren Gates
Recommendations: 23

"so used to living in my own tragedy" Excellent image of self pity.

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Jordan Newman Jordan Newman
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can't wait to meet you there.

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i see angels above me, i see demons below me, fighting over heaven.
i loved her more when i was sober.
i don't want a second chance.
love starts with that of a flickerin' cigarette
i swear i could feel your love before i knew your name.

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soul mates

I feel so lost now that she has said good-bye
but really I feel relief creep up on over me.
Each day I awoke next to a girl with a smile
so gorgeous it made me sick as all hell to see.
Usually I'd use this as the perfect opportunity
to return to the realm of self-destructive pity;
but as I sit here contemplating whether I really
want to again live so distant, dead emotionally.

I find myself always up in arms over almost everything,
and truly I know I will wind up living and dying alone;
because I am absolutely unable to ever calm myself down.
The heights I have reached back when I was still young
trump the altitudes most people reach in their life span.
That's not me bragging but telling a fact, my dear darling;
and you told me, 'I understand,' but then you to were gone. 1 comment

I'm absolutely lost in a haze of memories I can't remember
and I've been trying to fix my worn down and broken soul.
For the first time in my existence I begin to prepare for
the battle that I'm about to begin; because I know summer
has ended and soon i must fight off the coldness of winter.
If I'm not careful, my jaded past will become my future.

Although it's only been a decade or so, I swear it feels
much more like a century, since I have made any wishes.
For much too long I've been scared to connect my senses
back to my conscience because my life is simply a mess;
and I've been too scared to face the truth of consequences. 1 comment

I've already began to forget how exactly her soft touches
would send up and down my spine, ecstasy filled Lil thrills.
I hope that I will never forget what I learned in those months
we spent laying there in her bed, hiding from our pasts;
pretending to be content with all of our painful and dark sins. 1 comment

Usually when I am hurt this way I return to my state of intoxication,
but this time it's different, this time I think I may remain
here clear headed long enough to enjoy these aches and pain.
It's hard to examine your history when you are always hiding,
always retreating into fits of despair and pseudo self-destruction.

I can now let go of my angst as I see it's not always my doing
that leaves me feeling isolated from every other living human.
Life I guess isn't some joke with a callous and cruel punch line;
fate reminds me being happy isn't up to me, it's already written
for each of us, plotted out in the stars that dot the sky line.
It's embarrassing to admit this but I had believed that within
her smile I had finally found a home, some where to lay my head down.

Never been much for responsibilities or taking anything seriously,
and that includes myself my dear; but then out of no where I suddenly
thought that maybe you would be the one that didn't become a memory.
My future always feels bleak and today tends to remind me of yesterday
but that's because my life is a cliche, and my soul is in disarray.
The way I feel as of late is a strange and foreign state- because joy
isn't something I've ever felt without taking some home made remedy.

It's hard to understand how I am still holding on without clinging on
to those vices I've known as a sure bet to cure my sorrow; I'm wondering
why I can't accept the fact that I'm better now than I've ever been?
Every dog has his day, even every stray eventually finds shelter, so then
why do I keep stumbling about like I'm drunk? Is it because I've been
so used to living in my own tragedy? Like I'm the only one that's hurting?
At least this time when my lover said good-bye, i am managing to maintain. 1 comment

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