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Richards Helper Richards Helper
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News that Shocked: Richard got Run Over

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Richard got run over by a vehicle just a little over 3 weeks ago. He was asked by doctors not to be off bed an to take medicines prescribed for pain he suffered. I have been devestaded by this beyond anything in life. I am trying to do my best changing around my hours at work from daytime to night time, to come an feed him an give him his medicen. I can't stand to look at him in the condition he is in right now. I am trying to be strong and not cry when I'm visiting but when I go back home I breakdown.

His legs are cut and bruised, his arms scraped and cut with bruises, his head bruised and sum bones in his body fractured.

He has be telling me to write for him, and I've tried to change subject when he asks me. His voice is fragile, gives me shivers of sadness and I know I can't feel sad.  By his bed there is a walker and a cane. He refuses to walk with the use of a walker.  

I don't know what to do.

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