Jim Miller Jim Miller
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shroaded, try shrouded

Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
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um, did ya mean 'enveloped'? :D

Aaron Greene Aaron Greene
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thanks, i knew i spelled a couple things wrong, hehe, this was a spur of the moment piece

Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
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oh geez, i didn't see that coming.

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Aaron Greene Aaron Greene
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It Came From The Sky

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For Charlie

I have to laugh at some people sometimes.  LOL

The sun was soon erased from sight
The huge mass shrouded the land
People would tread about their day
With a chill in their hearts 1 comment

The warnings were there
The signs were given
Yet they keep moving on
Hopeful for a break

But when it began
They would scream in horror
They would run for their lives
From the relentless onslaught

The terror was slow
But enough for those
Who were enveloped in its fear
To be reduced to a quivering mess 1 comment

I sit back in my shelter
Chuckling and shaking my head
These fools are so petrified
Of a little rain 3 comments

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