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Nicole Martinez Nicole Martinez
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Scars Hidden

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She had a friend.

      For the first time in a while I can say that this has shaken me to my core. My only troubles were having to deal with facing two people I didn't want to see and a math test. Now this. I looked for anyone to blame except for her. I needed to find the reason. I had to know.
       This perfect girl had us all fooled. SHe wears a mask everyday and all believe it. Not even the people she is closest with knew it was coming. Blame is everywhere but we have no where to point it. She keeps us in wait, knowing that she has us in the palm of her hands. Knowing that we won't do anything. Knowing that we need the little information she gives us to try and piece together what all happened. She gives us a drop of information here and there letting us try to figure out the whole picture with just one piece.
With the time between me knowing that it started and finding out the reason I had time to think. I thought that she could just come with me. We always said we would be neighbors there so why not now. She was always in the white room, and I had just experienced the feeling so we could do it together. I researched it all but she doesn't even know why I had it researched.
       I made a promise that we are in this to the end. She just argued that I wouldn't be there if I actually knew her. What brings people to think this way? I know what but I still don't understand it. We have to talk about it but neither of us want too. It is too big to be ignored but one little mistep may cause it to spiral out of control.
Beads hide what scissors did.

The three of us are lost but we won't admit it.

       Friends mean sticking around through everything and not leaving when it gets hard. I will not leave you and neither will he. Just stop with the cutting. There are so many better solutions, just let one of them take the place of the scissors. I know I am not the best person to hear that from but just listen.


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