Geovalda Cupido Geovalda Cupido
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Do me a favour Daniel,please read the piece again and this time with more understanding as you would notice at first when she first saw him she started fantasizing over him.A while later after getting to know him it wasn't what she expected it to be but even then she felt she wanted him even if they bout had relationships of their own.In paragraph 4 you will also find that after all that happened both the characters broke things off with their previous partners and started a whole new relationship and things worked out pretty good,hope you'l have some clarity now

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Geovalda Cupido Geovalda Cupido
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Diary of a Delicate Love

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We often tend to not believe in something until it happens.I never believed in love at first sight until it struck me 3rd of August how could I ever forget?A moment so real,so memorable when you were left feeling like nothing else in the world exist but you and the person you feel so connected to,scared to take another breath simply because you want to sieze the moment,embrace that moment hoping it'll last forever,wanting to hold on to it for a lifetime.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       It feels like yesterday the start of a whole new journey.I can still hear his voice resounding in my head when I sit in silence,taking a walk down memory lane,his first words spoken unto me "hey are those feet okay?" Confused,stunned and questioning myself..did he ask me that..was he really speaking to me..of course stupid me,I was the only girl with shoes in my hands.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 As time went passing by it grew into something more real,and not just one of my wild fantasies, life is nothing like a fairytail or a foto album filled with just smiles,laughter and good times.Getting to know each other took a turn,liking him turned into strong dislike he was arrogant and self-centred,it was unbelievable how such a handsome,attracting man can be so ugly in personality.Finally I could add personality to the face,appearance of a prince but manners of a pig.Feeling like such a fool,how could I've been so wrong,than again I was just being a woman right shoes wrong season..Crazy enough after all the heartbreaks and heartaches I couldn't keep myself from daydreaming and drooling over him,how insane?                                                                                                     Weeks after we started heading out on hiking stomach in knots,filled with butterflies not knowing what to expect.But each time didn't turn out to be that bad,from sitting next to the campfire to sitting next to the river to sleeping right next to him under the stars.Our first kiss 25th of March how shall I forget it felt like heaven on earth..Being all I wanted it was never that we were already in relationships of our own.Yes it was wrong but,I couldn't keep myself from wanting to be kissed by him,held by him,loved by him.Trying to convince myself how wrong it was always ended up in confusion because how could something so wrong feel so right,so damn good?                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Each passing day my love for him grew stronger,spending so much time together sharing pure joy,peace and happiness our bond grew stronger..we fell in love.I couldn't lie to myself anymore,I had to break a heart before I broke my own.I broke things of with my partner of 2 years. And so my hearts keeper did the same he chose me.The more time we've spended together the more I felt the love he had for me(he still loves me) and that made me love him more and more. A year after and we still together and in love as ever..yes I believe he can hurt me but I trust him not to,in comparison to my passed relationships I came to realize the meaning of true happiness because I believe true happiness is wanting what you have and not having what you want and I want what I have more than anything in the world.I certainly found what I've been looking for,a man who loves me for me,respects me and alwys cares and supports me I can't begin to say how thankful I am.I have a lot of things in life I praise God for and having him is one of those little things with greater value I thank God for everyday.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Yes we aint perfect, I don't know what perfect should be but what we share is our kind of perfect and all that's left to do is hope and pray that we'll grow old together.In the end all that's left is the joy and happiness and love we share that truly matters.oh how i love my baby,words can never describe,Never. 1 comment

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