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Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
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I was asked by someone what message would I want to give my great, great, great grandchildren and this is what I sent them.

Be who you are not who you want people to think you are. Being yourself makes you real, honest, sincere and at times humble. Being who you want others to think you are makes you a phony, a liar and prideful.

Be generous. Even if you do not have much you can always give time, encouragement, forgiveness, friendship, compassion and love.

Be kind especially to those who are in desperate need of kindness. Those who have been beaten down and hurt by bullies.

Be courageous. Stand up for what is good and honest. Don't be afraid to love the unlovely. Help those who are offensive to others like the homeless and the hungry. Don't be like those who turn a blind eye.

Be-lieve. It takes a brave person to have faith when they are surrounded by pessimism. When you believe you change your world which effects the lives and worlds of those around you.

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