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Georgina Connor Georgina Connor
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By Georgina Connor

Chapter One

Where do vampires come from? Do they exist? Do the myths speak the truth? These are stupid questions that the modern day human species delude themselves with. The only problem is, the more time that passes, the further away from the truth they drift. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cassandra. Well it is at this very minute in time, although some of you may know me by my real name Lilith.  That being said, throughout time religion has tried to erase me entirely I am now only recognized in covens of want to be vampires on the internet.

For those of you that don’t know who I am, let me explain. First I will have to take you back to the year 4000BC. It was a time when God, or whoever your religion believes is “up there”, first created the garden of Eden. It was a beautiful place where everything was bright, clean and pure. There was no pain, no fear, and nothing to be afraid of, for the garden was the closest place to Heaven. It was here that God created the first ever humans; Adam, Samuel, Eve, and Lilith. I’m guessing that here is where you throw down this book and vow to never read it again, well all I can say is if you do carry on reading, you will not be disappointed.

Me and Samuel are twins, twins of the same body but not of the same mind. We loved each other dearly, but God separated us between marriage. We were not allowed to see each other again because we had been married into different households. I was married to Adam, and Samuel married Eve. A few months went by, everything was kept happy and cheerful- because it had to be, God ensured that. I fell pregnant and Adam started to become possessive, I was his property not his companion. I obviously had more brains than Eve and would not allow that kind of behaviour, and so Adam started the first ever argument in Eden. Now because I was the inferior species and was not a male, I was the one punished, and was sent into the apple orchard to repent.

I was once God’s favourite creation, he spent a lot of time creating me and Samuel, he made sure we where his most beautiful and dazzling creations, but it seemed like another force was wanting me as their new toy.

I sat beside a large apple tree, that had just blossomed bright red apples, so big and full of flavour that you could never imagine, even if you where alive at that period. Their taste almost disappeared from your memory, and never did it any justice. It was around evening time, for there was no real way of telling the time, because in Eden, night did not exist. I could hear a nearby river, and the animals that lapped up its life source. I stroked my stomach and sang to my unborn child. I was around 8 months pregnant and could not wait to gaze upon my love, my cherub, my angel. I wanted to see its bright pink cheeks, its brilliant eyes staring back at mine, I wanted to hold its fragile body against mine, I wanted to be a mother. A few minutes had passed before I realized I had a body on top of my slender shoulders. I turned to see brilliant green eyes and a serpents face right next to mine. At first I was quite startled, for I had never seen a creature like this before, but never afraid, like I said fear did not exist here. The serpent pulled out it’s great tongue and licked my cheek, before it slithered it’s long body off a nearby branch, and onto the soft lush grass.
This foul beast opened it’s mouth and showed me a dazzling set of white, sharp teeth, that seemed to glisten in a friendly way, almost as though inviting, or tempting. I shuddered, and awaited it’s reaction. It gazed deep into my eyes, amused by my reaction, I could see myself in its eyes, I could see my eyes, expecting and what was that? Tears?
The great beast rose its head next to mine, and licked the salty fluid from my pale cheek.

Naive as I was, I gazed at it and spoke.
“ Thank you kind creature, are you my friend?” I spoke in a soft and warming manner. I needed the company, I craved it.
The beast kept its gazed on me. It smiled a sly smile, I could see a flash of emotion flicker through its eyes, for such a short amount of time, an emotion that I saw Adam have when we first met.
“ Yes I wish to be your friend. I would love to be your friend…but…” It was the voice of a male, a male of a young age, maybe 20 years old? He broke his gaze and turned his face to the right, disappointment written all over his expression. I panicked. What had I done to upset my new friend?  
“What’s wrong? Are you ill?!”
“I am so hungry, I haven’t eaten for days. Please can you help me?”
“ Of course I can, please tell me; I’ll do anything to make you smile.”
A quick glimmer of a smirk spread across his face, bright eyes searched deep into my soul, as his mouth opened to speak once again.
“ All I ask for is a kiss, please, I would love to give you, my new friend, a kiss”
He looked so defenceless; as though lost in this world
“A kiss? Why?”
“This world you live in is meant to be perfect, its meant to be paradise, but if that is true, then why are you sat here crying? I can change that, I can help you create a new world, one where you are the god, there are only your laws. The world will bow down at your feet, all I ask is that you let me help you. I want to be your companion. A kiss is all that it takes.”

The creature transformed in front of my eyes into a beautiful bird, huge eyes staring right into the depths of my soul. A small shaped beak compared to its face and body size. The creature unravelled its wings and perched itself on my shoulder, whilst twisting its head to gaze deep into my eyes. I reached out and caressed it’s beautiful feathers around it’s face, feeling every different strand attached to it’s head. In a trance I kissed it’s cheek and awaited his response. He stared at me for a while, watching my reactions as he transformed into a snake once again, and moved his head towards my breast. Shock froze my body in place as this beast sang his fangs into my pure skin. Warmth flooded beneath his jaws as he lingered, lapping up the blood that flowed out. Drifting in and out of consciousness I heard the sounds of screeching through the black fog, only to realize those screams where coming from me, begging for Samuel to come and save me.

The beast turned into a wolf and fled after I collapsed onto the floor. My memory fades at this point as I was in and out of consciousness, but what I do remember is the pain that tore me apart. I could feel the life struggling inside of me. I could feel the fight, the torment, the fierce will of wanting to live. I did not want this. I could see the eyes in my mind. The eyes of the beast.  They where full of hatred, anger,  and  revenge as my body fought the war taking place deep inside my core.

Thoughts ran through my mind as I lay in a ball waiting to die. This was not gods work, god promised no pain, god promised happiness for all of us, a fresh start, intelligence, life, feeling, pleasure, and yet why was it only allowed to Adam? Samuel was a man and yet he was in pain as he lived a life with the wrong lover. If god loved us why would he only choose one. We are all meant to be his children.

At some point Adam appeared and started screaming to the heavens. I could not hear what he was saying, only buzzing ran through my ears. He fell silent and then Adam just stood there staring at me, nothing but a body full of disapproval. God had given him his orders and he was going to fulfil it to the end, regardless of its outcome. A knife appeared, golden and sharp. It glistened in the sun. He clenched onto his weapon with both hands, pinned my body to the floor, and started cutting into my stomach.

My baby. My angel that I would never see, if I would save something it would be my new life, the innocence that had to be given the chance to correct the ways of god. I knew the poison that was spreading through my body could kill my child, and I would not let that happen, but it was not my baby‘s time to be born. I was too weak to push Adam off me, I lay there lifeless, numb from the external cutting sensation, pain from being dissected and from my body shutting down. I closed my eyes and said one last thing before I lost  my baby, “ I will not stop searching for you my angel”. With that, my baby and Adam where gone, and I was left under the piercing eyes of heaven, being judged for my betrayal.  

Left there in the abyss. The unknown. Only knowing that the cold hands of death would be gracefully touching me in mere seconds time. I could already feel them brushing at my cheeks and caressing my open wound. My empty womb that once held my life, my meaning, my existence.
When I awoke it was like having the eyes of a new born child, everything was too bright, too colourful and terrifying. Time seemed to pass by so slowly, nearly agonising. I tried to stand a few times and failed, until I pulled myself up with a nearby branch. I started calling, crying out for my other half. My soul mate, until he appeared before me. I fell in love all over again, his eyes pierced my soul and I felt complete, real, it was one of the best feelings I have had in my new body. I ran to my love, my light, and my hope, and gripped onto him, resting my head onto his chest. He held back onto me, and pulled me close not wanting to let go of one another. I felt his pulse beating against my cheek, beckoning me to taste, I kissed the area gently and looked up at him.

Burning in my throat made it hard to breathe,  a habit that I realized I did not particularly need to do, I started to cry and looked up to Samuel begging him with my eyes as I talked to him as quietly as a mouse would talk to it’s family when a predator was near.
“ Samuel I don’t know what has happened to me, please help me, I am craving your pulse. I don’t know why though, I’m scared please save me.”
Samuel simply looked at me, as if he knew what

and allowed me to kiss him, just as the beast had. With that our new life started together, both as creatures of the night and lovers that ventured the world together.

We where thrown out of Eden and made to survive in the waste lands with other creatures of the night, owls, wolves, hedgehogs and other nocturnal mammals plus insects. We learnt we had skills, we could both shape shift into wolves, owls, snakes, mice, and cats. Samuel can control elements, such as fire, water, wind, earth and ice; and I can control the mind and body of everything within a 50 mile radius of me.

After 2 years of feeding off of animals and each other, Adam and Eve both invaded our world. Our place that we ruled, dark Eden. God combined the light of Eden and the night of our world in hope that Adam and Eve would have the sun of god to protect them from my wrath. We found that the light made us more hungry and would to hide till night, it would reduce our new talents and cloud our vision; Until we found a way around it. We found that if we shaded our eyes from the sun, as in hats, we could walk in the light as well as Adam and eve. Although the only flaw was that we where in hiding for almost 1000 years, and so Adam and eve where long dead and the world was full of their children.

I was then consumed with rage and spent the rest of time punishing all of their children as I searched the world for my own child, creating new children of the dark along the way. This is where my story will start, in the year 2011.

Chapter Two

Samuel was half way out of the front door when I pounced onto his legs and stopped him in his tracks. Tears welled up my eyes and started streaming down my face making it hard to focus on his beautiful face.
“Please, please, please don’t leave me. Take me with you! I hate being alone. The community will want to see me too, why is it just you going?!” My voice started breaking with each syllable I pronounced.
“Because, my gorgeous lil’ devil, it’s important business that doesn’t need you’re clinginess, argumentative behaviour to corrupt the meeting halls.” He lifted me up and stood me on my feet like a plank of wood, then gently kissed my forehead.
“I’ll only be gone for a couple of days, you won’t even notice that I am gone. I love you and just keep telling yourself that you will be able to cling to me again in two sleeps.”
“ But I could stay in the other parts of the community, you could go to the meetings on your own…” I was starting to sound like a begging puppy trying to stop it’s owner from going to work.
“ No because you know for sure that you would not stay there, you would follow me around like a child clinging to it’s mother. You stay here where I know you are safe.” He patted my head and practically ran out of the door before I could even open my mouth.

Enraged I closed my eyes and opened my mind, searching for his to claim as my own and bring him home. No luck. He was already too far away from me. Stupid vampire speed. Reality kicked in hard; I was on my own.
An emptiness consumed my soul. Searching through the corners of my mind to fight the overcoming loneliness that surrounded me. Darkness slowly covering my vision. I hated his long journeys away, thousands of years together and I still needed him with me every second of the day, just like that of a small child with their mother; my baby, did my angel feel like that too? What should I do? He’s gone and left me on my own; I hate being alone, where should I go? How do I forget about him? Better still, how can I make him hate me? Do something so horrible that he will never trust me on my own ever again, that will keep him with me forever.
Heavy bass and drums fought through the abyss of my mind and made me see a small glimmer of light. The club opposite the road was unusually busy and rowdy. The giggles and hysteria of youth embraced my tiny apartment and lured, dared me to come out and play. I closed my eyes listened to the voices coming from below, listened to the heart beats and found the faint beat of a broken heart, a tiny beat, so faint, as though a butterfly fluttering it’s wings. I opened my mind now to hear the thoughts coming from this soul, and heard the same feelings I had right now. His partner had just terminated his child and had broken his heart by cheating on him with his best friend. Although he had not been any angel either. He had become betrothed to another girl in the middle of their relationship, a mistress, when he hadn’t asked his current girlfriend of 10 years for her hand in marriage. It was a long lasting, seedy relationship of constant cheating and turmoil. Not the happiest of relationships, and many would say it was a benefit to them both for living their lives on separate lines. Although this man could not see any benefit, just heartbreak and a grave loss.  

Without being aware I was standing in front of the club still listening to this man’s thoughts when the snap of bones made me escape his cage of emotions, as my ears pricked up to the exciting sound. A fight had commenced right in front of the club doors, where a bouncer was trying to stop two drunks from getting inside. I was pretty annoyed now, fights starting without me? How was that even possible? I walked closer to the riot, being in ecstasy with every new crack of a skull, or fracture of a leg. I walked through the entangled bodies to where the fight had started, before them being tossed aside like strays, the two men then simply lay there on the ground, as someone phoned for an ambulance. I stared at the blood on the pavement for awhile until I became hungry.

The man began thinking louder, and I then knew that this was the perfect place to find a new toy. With no Samuel to stop me I could finally go wild and let out all of my frustrations. Be the predator once again, home into the weak and vulnerable, toying with them being my greatest game. I wanted to give the victim hope of a brighter future so he or she would go willingly, I wanted to play a game just like the old days. I craved something to tease and control, I yearned for it. Then I realised that this broken hearted man would be the best toy tonight.

I glided through the doors of the club controlling everyone around me to move and allow me past, seeing faces through my mind until I found the face that matched the mind. I found my new victim.

“ hello, my name is Cassandra, what’s your’s?” I asked politely, cocking my head to one side as I kept my hands behind my back, a huge smile across my face to look angelic. I didn’t care, I didn’t even listen, I didn’t have to. I that same split second of opening my mouth I had completely taken over him; forcing him to stand up and talk back.

“Want to come back to my place” I asked again just for show, because he had already linked arms with me and started walking out of the club, with people once again being controlled to walk aside and give us space, not even noticing us leaving, and being wiped clean of their memories of even meeting either of us.
He opened the front door of the apartment for me as I ordered him with my mind to get into Samuels bedroom and lie down, while I went into the kitchen to get some rope that had been used for gardening on the roof terrace. Me and Samuel had been planting roses up there and had started building a gazebo for spending time together reading.  I skipped like a school girl to the bedroom. I changed his memories on the way back so he thought we had just met and were going to be lovers tonight. This was going to be so much fun. I released his mind to his own to make full pleasure for me and my game.

Wrist and leg restraints tied to each end of Samuels bed and each ligament of the man; that will be a fun surprise for him returning, him being able to smell the death thick in his lungs as soon as he opens his door.
“ I want you so bad baby” cooed the defenceless male a glint in his eyes as he examined me as though he could see through my clothing.
“ I want to have some fun with you, how do you like it? Rough? Gentle? Or will you just let me surprise you?” I purred whilst standing at the end of the bed.
“anything you want baby, I’m your slave tonight” I had to force myself not to laugh aloud to that statement. Tonight? More like, until Samuel gets rid of my toy.  
“well then I shall do as I please to you” I grinned a fake seducing smile as I started to undress him kissing each part of his skin, smelling his blood rushing through his body as his temperature rose with each touch. Dancing my fingers gently across his skin, feeling every artery as I worked my way up to his chest.
“call out my name” he ordered as my head shot up from his stomach. His name… what was it? What did this lowly creature call himself, Steve? Gerard? My mind went blank.
“ I would prefer to call you slave, seen as you say that it is alright.” I knew this would not work so started possessing his mind as I concentrated on one cell, planting the seed and letting it spread through his nerves until I had complete power. Happens in the blink of an eye for humans, but for me it felt like an hour, being able to just concentrate completely on what I wanted him to feel, act and do all at the same time.
“ yes my name is slave, I will do what ever you say, I am your toy nobody else’s…” slave replied in a complete trance. He was mine now, nothing but me could break the trance, not even Samuel. The sexual teasing could finally stop now, just go straight onto the main course.
I hovered over his body my legs pushing on either side of his hips as I leant over by his neck, hearing his heart beat and seeing the blood seeping through his vein’s under his skin. I licked just where his artery was, almost tasting the luke warm liquid on my taste buds.  I could not wait to taste it any longer, I dug my teeth into his neck, drinking him dry with dire thirst.  Before he was nearly dry I forced myself off of him, and threw my body onto the floor. I could hear his heart fighting for life with hardly any blood to keep his organs oxygenated.  If I would have left him to die then my fun would have been over. I bit into my wrist and sucked out my poison into my mouth, holding it there as I could feel it stinging my tongue, I leant over his lips and kissed him, pushing the acid into his mouth, and sat beside my bed, watching eagerly for the show that was about to begin.
His eyes shot open bloodshot and strained through the pain, that’s when the screams started. Now I could have been kind and just made everyone in the area oblivious of the screams with my gift, but I’m not kind.
“shush my child, you will wake up the neighbours” I cooed just like a mother would to her new born.

“ lets calm down the crying child hey” I gently pressed my lips against his forehead and walked, head held high to the living room. Where did I put my sowing box? I searched the cabinet beside the couch, and the puffy, even the draws where we kept documents… nothing. The screams got louder.
“I KNOW ALREADY!” I huffed as I switched the stereo on as loud as possible. Maybe behind the couch? I placed both legs spread, as I bent over the top of the couch, as I roamed my hands against the floor behind, hidden from all light.  There was the little wooden sowing box I was looking for, I really needed to start looking after things better.
“ Commmmiiinnnnggggg” I chimed as I skipped back to the bedroom with a huge grin across my face. I stood at the doorway a while, as I studied his body writhing in agony trying to break free from the bed, screaming with his head tilted as far back as was humanly possible, blood tears streaming down his face, and blood thinly leaving his mouth; silly man must have bit his tongue in the process. Neighbours started banging on the floor below my room, which snapped me out of the ecstasy I was having watching him.
“ okay slave, I’m going to make it all better” I sang as I sat astride his hips once again, feeling him trying to resist, as his body was tense and moving frantically trying to detoxify the poison spreading through his body.  

I placed the small box next to his waist as I opened it and pulled out a sharp medium sized needle, and took some time picking a colour thread of blues, purples, reds, and blacks all of different shades.
“ I think blue would best suit you, lets try it” I was completely enjoying this.
I got my needle ready and weaved the thread through the small hole and tied it at the end.
“ this shouldn’t take too long, all depends on how pretty I make you look.”
I kissed his lips gently, licking off some of the blood from the corner of his mouth, and placed the needle through the opposite corner of his lips, and listened to his gasp and short silence as his mind tried to comprehend what was happening. I let out a short giggle and started cross stitching his lips tight, the screams started again. He was trying to keep his lips open but was failing each time I pulled the thread tighter. His lips where going white from lack of blood now, and his bleeding had stopped from his eyes, there where no more bodily fluids escaping his body, just the look in his eyes that where full of pain and sorrow.
“ there you go baby, no more screaming” there wasn’t. Just loud moans that where muffled shut.  Debating; should I torture him more while he’s going through the pain of transformation, or wait till his is immortal and will only feel the pain that I give to him? I decided to wait and just enjoy watching him trying to fight the poison. Only a few minutes longer before it would be over for him - lucky him, mine went on for hours; well at least I can compensate and give him hours of torture instead.

All I could hear now was the stereo playing loudly from the other room, and his heavy thick moans. I sat on top of him still, eager and eyes bright as I watched the pain in his eyes and his body moving faster and faster. Peak time was coming soon, the end but the start of new life, this is the most painful time now, I could not wait! The moans got louder as he tried to pull his lips away from the thread, pulling more and more as my eyes got bigger and bigger the more he pulled. I could see the inside of his mouth starting to show again and screams escaped his mouth, he gave one last pull, but pulled completely wrong. His bottom lip and part of his chin tore off and was attached to his top lip with the thread still in place. I could see his anaemic white gums, and shaded yellow teeth, and two lips attached where they should not be; threads of muscles and thick bone stood in view, not being overshadowed by skin anymore. I could not help but laugh out loud through his screams and clap my hands as it happened.
“ oh cleaver child, I did not even have to rip that off for you! Maybe I should try and sow that back up again, but you don’t have anything left to sow your two lips to anymore! No more chin, just beautiful muscle tissue and bone, the beauty inside you sure is wonderful.” I gently kissed the white muscles of his chin, not one drop of blood touching my lips.
“ although your screaming is becoming a problem now slave, ill have to take your tongue” forever chiming and pushing my enjoyment through to his mind, I once again kissed where his bottom lip used to be, kissing just a mutilated hole with passion, forcing my tongue into his screaming, struggling mouth; I groped the top of his tongue with my own, wrapping it around tightly and tugging gently, sucking at his mouth and tasting his fear. With one pull I managed to rip his tongue out, ripping the strands that held it in place.
His screaming stopped and a pathetic grunt came from the back of his throat. “Aww that was such a shame, I was expecting more from you slave. I wonder how you will react to my different games. You men are all the same you use and abuse everything around you and then complain when it happens to you” I dug my nails into the centre of his chest, my fingers going inside of him digging and tearing through organs. “I’ll make you go through the pain that billions have felt at human kinds wrong doings.”  the only sounds that could be heard now was the blasting of the stereo until everything went dead and silence filled the apartment, until something knocked on the bedroom door.  
“MUMMY!!!” Chimed a young boy’s voice, as I tried to lie down on top of the seemingly lifeless body. The world stood still for a split second as I was overpowered by the joy of my son returning to me after his long and lonely voyage.

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