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Paul Day Paul Day
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From the Shadows of my Dreams

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soul mates

Forgive my mood. I'll be over it soon and back to writing story poems.

Broken spirit
Broken heart
Where did all this
Breaking start

Down the river
Of my dreams
It flows so fast
It carries hope
And drowns it
In forgotten streams

Damaged spirit
Damaged love
I cry for peace
From God above

In the fire
My soul burns
It dies so quickly
Only ashes now
Whipped up by winds
My sins have earned

Dying spirit
Dying soul
For whom the bells
Of death do toll

In my dream
A song I hear
It rescues me
From sleep
Awakening hope
Rekindled from the
Brink of fear

Phoenix spirit
From dying screams
Death so close
From the shadows
Of my dreams

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