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Paul Day Paul Day
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It’s the End of the World…Again!

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soul mates

A different way of looking at the End of the World

Pack up your suitcase
And go underground
Roll up your bedding
And head out of town

Go to the mountains
And seek out a cave
The end is coming
It’s time to be brave

Hide in your basement
Store tins of baked beans
Don’t you know, haven’t you heard
What all the news means?

“The End is Nigh”
I heard a man say
Then he fell on his knees
For mercy to pray

“The End is upon us”
Another one said
Then his heart failed
And he fell down dead

Everywhere these days
A prophet is shouting
And to each of these doomers
There is simply no doubting

But haven’t we heard
All this nonsense before
On many occasions
On their life they swore

The “END” is not coming
Not this year at least
So don’t visit a Minister
A Rabbi or Priest

Each year a new wacko
Will shout and will scream
Declaring they heard
The truth in a dream

But trust me, when it does come
You won’t need to be told
For the end comes to all
On the day we’re too old

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