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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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My Twilight Years

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I wrote this little blurb out of a knawing sense of desperation. It`s been often said that all men lead lives of quiet desperation. Hmm, I often wonder if it was a hen-pecking woman that wrote that. Sorry, ladies, it`s probably that creepy old senility which prompted me to write that.

      Well, here I am. I`ve reached the plateau of my existence. More and more, I notice the gathering silver on my mountaintop. Does that make any sense? In this spazzed out world, what seems to make sense any more? Forgive me, if it sounds like I ramble. If it does, then it`s probably because I am..rambling, that is. I haven`t written for while, because I have grown quietly introspective this past little while. Actually, I thought that my well of creativity had run dry somehow. Well, geez, Louise..imagine that! It seems that my brain is working even in those twilight hours when I succumb to the Land of Nod. That`s another thing. I do tend to nod off..too, too, frequently.

     Seriously though,(he says with a slight impish grin),I`m not at all certain I`ve been serious for more than a smidgeon in all my life. But I have been known to stretch the truth for a time or two,( he mutters with a twinkle in his glazed over eyes). Ah, yes, that`s another thing, what my eyes have seen. I saw the mid sixties stretched out before me like a ripe plum oozing fresh juice, just waiting to be eaten. Those were the days of my innocence! Hell, I didn`t even know what all those long-hairs were raging over, back in those days. Am I starting to sound like one of those rocking chair old farts? You may comment thusly, if you please. Be honest, now. You`d like to tear me apart once in awhile, wouldn`t you? That`O.K.,too. Believe me, I could use a little honesty in my life,at least the odd time.

     I lost my teeth some time ago. My smile is not a pleasing sight anymore.I gum my food to the point where I feel it`s safe ta swaller. It`s been audaciously suggested to me that I puree` my food, and, in particular, those of the crunchy variety. What do you think? Do you suppose I should give those snide young pups that dubious pleasure?Hmmm..mushed up chops with sliced and diced salad. Well, it is a definite possibility, if not a necessity these days. Well..gotta go. If I can just remember where I`m supposedto be. And, if I can recollect where I left those darn bifocals, I`ll see you later. Talk at ya later, alligator!

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