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Evie, could you possibly separate the paragraphs to making commenting easier?

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a fear of loneliness

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Loneliness. It’s a human condition. A place that everyone has been in at some point in their lives. Everyone experiences loneliness from time to time.  It can be a feeling of desolation; extreme bleakness. The place of loneliness can cause heartache and anxiety. You sometimes run from it, fear it, although sometimes when in the place of loneliness, you embrace it. Loneliness doesn’t always have to be negative. You can take it in your stride. It can sometimes be an escape route. A path that leads to endless possibilities of things you can achieve by yourself. The majority of times, loneliness can be solved with an ample surrounding of friends, family or even a complete stranger you have not yet encountered. The feeling can be destroyed and replaced with happiness in seconds by a warm, friendly smile. You can wonder why you felt such dejection and feel on top of the world, as though you can conquer anything at all. Some say loneliness is one of those feelings that’s a choice. An option. Definitely not a compulsory feeling. You say to yourself you are good enough, good enough all by yourself. You survive the pain of being lonely by knowing you can be alone, without being lonely.
Nevertheless, you can attempt to fight against the villainous place of loneliness with a great amount of strength. The most extensive amount of strength possible. Though it can be beyond the bounds of possibility to restrain. Sometimes a warm smile, a surrounding isn’t enough. Loneliness can eat away at your soul. It can affect you socially and mentally and can make you feel as though you having nothing; nobody. It can bring a powerful presence of gloom and grief. A presence that cannot abscond. It makes you feel as though you are living in a world of nothingness; a deep black hole with no clear escape route. The entire population of the world can surround you yet none of the loneliness is defeated. How can it be defeated? You wish you knew. You do try to defeat it. Yet it comes back with even an even stronger force of vengeance.
...and with all these people around you, you’ve never been so lonely. 1 comment

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