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David Anderson David Anderson
Recommendations: 2

= Born Again: (2) The Tale Of Rafferty = Part Two

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“Born Again” is a series that, in collaboration, many ScribeSlice Writers are and will be working on. We appreciate every and all comments, criticisms and suggestions. Thank you.

= Placing the blood dripping baseball bat onto the trunk of the car, Rafferty reaches up and hit’s the “skip forward” button on the boom box, causing “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones to begin to play. Interlocking his fingers, Rafferty cracks his knuckles before reaching down and picking up the dual .45’s. Turning to face the magnitude of Zombies approaching, Rafferty begins to walk towards them. =

= Getting within fifty or so yards of the horde, Rafferty begins to pull back on the triggers of his twin .45 caliber pistols, releasing flashes of fire from their barrels. As if he was a born assassin, each round fired by Rafferty meets it’s mark. As bullet meets decaying flesh, fine mists of blood spray, bits of brain matter, muscle and tissue explode, cold body after cold body falls to the ground, only to be visually lost in the slew of oncoming dead, trampled under the masses feet. Stopping from getting any closer, Rafferty stands tall, pistols parallel to the ground, discharging a wave of lead with such a serious facial expression that his face looks as if it was carved out stone. =

-=Screen Freezes=-

Ryan Rafferty (V.O.)
“Hold on a second. I am getting ahead of myself. Let me take you back to the beginning of this whole fucked up mess.”

Fade Out;

Fade In;

Interior - The Church Of Mother Mary - Not Too Long Ago - Night

= A wooden altar made in gothic style and of bright mahogany stands proud towards the back of the church. Directly behind the altar is a giant wood representation of Jesus Christ nailed to the cross and to both sides of the altar are two more wood representations, that of St. Peter and St. Paul, both with their head bowed, entranced in deep prayer. Over the altar is a vibrant red blanket with a gold and silver basin, used to hold Holy Water, resting directly on the center of the blanket. Leading to the altar, in the center of the room, is a very wide aisle way, lined on both sides by row after row of pews made of the same type of wood as the altar. The walls are of old plaster with the far left wall having a rather long crack running from it’s bottom left to its top right corner. =

= Reading over scripture, pacing in front of the altar is Ryan Rafferty. Non-verbally going over his upcoming sermon through a series of hand gestures and deep thoughts. Sitting in the first pew on the right, an elderly woman with an afro of white hair, scribbles away on a piece of paper attached to a clipboard. Though she looks like a grandmother, she has a very serious, very rigid exterior appearance. =

Ryan Rafferty (V.O.)
“That is Mrs. DeWitt. A nice woman with a kind heart even if she ran Mother Mary’s Sunday School with an iron fist as if it was some kind of military boot camp. ‘A bitch with a golden heart’ would be a good motto for her. Her husband died some years ago and ever since, she has devoted herself to helping out the church any way that she can.”

= As Mrs. DeWitt and Ryan Rafferty prepare for the upcoming week in complete silence, a radio on low volume can be heard from some where in the church.=

Radio Program (Barely Audible)
… In other news, State and Federal Officials are concerned by a recent outbreak that seems to be causing many to become ill. Though the officials are unsure to what has caused the outbreak, they recommend that you stay in your homes, if possible and that if you come into contact with any one who has the appearance of being gravely ill to not try and help for they are uncertain to how the….

= Drowning out the radio, the heavy front doors of the church swing open, clanking hard against the plaster walls, causing Mrs. DeWitt to jump in a startle. Rafferty, looking up from his bible and Mrs. DeWitt, spinning around in the pew, look towards the door as a rather young Hispanic woman, in complete panic, carries in two very small children. =

Hispanic Woman (Frantic)
“Pastor, ayuda! Por favor, ayuda! Mis niños!”
(Pastor, help! Please help! My children!)

Ryan Rafferty (V.O.)
“Mrs. Hernandez and her twin boys. A very loving and a very concerned mother… Which, oddly enough, became her downfall…”

= Making it only several steps inside of the church, Mrs. Hernandez collapses, falling to the ground with both boys in her arms. Greatly concerned, Mrs. DeWitt shoots Rafferty a look of uncertainty, one which Rafferty returns. After a second or two of hesitation, Rafferty, shortly thereafter followed by Mrs. DeWitt, run towards Mrs. Hernandez and her two small children. Rafferty kneels and rolls Mrs. Hernandez onto her back as he places his left index and middle finger to the right side of her throat, checking her pulse. Mrs. DeWitt stands closely behind Rafferty with her hands over her mouth in complete disbelief. Rafferty lowers his head. =

Mrs. DeWitt
“Is she a live?”
(Ryan Rafferty shakes his head ‘no’ as he proceeds to check the two boys for a pulse)
“And the boys?”

= Mrs. DeWitt gets her answer when Ryan Rafferty lowers his head and begins to mumble a prayer for the recently deceased. Mrs. DeWitt’s eyes immediately begin to boil with tears as Rafferty finishes his prayer and stands up. Placing his hand on Mrs. DeWitt’s shoulder, Rafferty nods. =

Ryan Rafferty
“They are with the Lord now. They went home. Mourn that which the world has lost but be happy for Mrs. Hernandez and her children. They have found peace...”
(Ryan Rafferty removing his hand from Mrs. DeWitt’s shoulder and begins to walk towards the back of the church)
“… I must call the authorities.”

= As Ryan Rafferty goes to call the authorities, Mrs. DeWitt kneels beside the lifeless bodies of the Hernandez’s. Upon looking at the body of Mrs. Hernandez, Mrs. DeWitt sees a spot of blood seeping through Mrs. Hernandez’s long sleeve blouse. Slowly, Mrs. DeWitt slides the bloody sleeve up, exposing a giant gash of flesh missing from Mrs. Hernandez’s forearm. =

Mrs. DeWitt
“What in the Lord’s name?”

= Suddenly, a roar of panic is heard from outside of the church, getting both Mrs. DeWitt and Ryan Rafferty’s attention, causing Rafferty and Mrs. DeWitt to look out through the open doors of the church, towards the city street outside. Shouts and screams radiate through the empty church. Upon hearing the ruckus, Rafferty rushes to the doors and looks out to get a closer view of what is going on. Just as soon as he makes it to the door, he hears a scream from Mrs. DeWitt, causing him to turn around. =

= Turning around, Rafferty sees one of the twin boys biting into Mrs. DeWitt’s thigh, taking out a chunk of flesh. In complete shock, Rafferty’s eyes bulge with disbelief. Rushing to Mrs. DeWitt’s aide, Rafferty grabs a hold of the youngster by the mid-section, pulling him from off of Mrs. DeWitt. As soon as Rafferty does so, the youngster goes to bite Rafferty but curbing the youngster’s attempt, Rafferty throws the youngin’ several feet, causing the youngster to slam into a pew. Taking his attention away from the sadistic child and turning it towards Mrs. DeWitt, Rafferty goes to help her up but as soon as he takes her by under the arms, the second of Mrs. Hernandez’s twins brings his teeth down onto her ankle, taking away a great deal of muscle and bone from her ankle. Again, through a constant flow of tears and agonizing pain, Mrs. DeWitt lets out another horrific screams. =

= Still holding Mrs. DeWitt by under her arms, Rafferty takes a step forward and kicks the second youngster in the face, knocking him away from Mrs. DeWitt. As soon as the second youngster lets go Mrs. DeWitt’s ankle, Rafferty drags her several feet up the aisle before falling over, causing Mrs. DeWitt to land in his lap. Breathing heavily out of fear, Rafferty holds Mrs. DeWitt in his arms, looking down at her. Her tears slow and her pain seems to subside as Rafferty slowly rocks her back in forth, trying to give her some kind of comfort. Mrs. DeWitt’s eyes begin to flutter as she begins to go in and out of consciences. =

Ryan Rafferty
“Mrs. DeWitt?… Stay with me.. Come on, you old battle axe! Stay with me!”

[To Be Continued]

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