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Evie Walter Evie Walter
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deathly innocence

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      A heavy mist slowly arose from the ongoing marches; casting an opaque veil over everything palpable. The intonation of haunted screeches murmured in the wind; an sensation of an almost  damp chill lingered all around. Piercing innocent brown eyes shone through the drenched haze as heavenly, dainty features tip-toed through the peculiar landscape. The mural full of treturous, spine chilling secrets. Innocence stepped forever closer to the bewildering box. A box of substantial, unearthly stature. A heavy and unwelcoming stench lifted in the air as innocence met darkness; as the cold, damp air  blew across her angel-like face.
There it lay. All alone. Body as cold as a tomb. 1 comment

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