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Paul Day Paul Day
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One Day my Love

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soul mates

Just a little poem as an antedote to all that troubles us in our life.

One day I will awaken
From the dream that is my life
And find the nightmare’s over
Replaced with freedom
Born from strife

One day the moon will shine no more
And the sun will lose its glow
Then I will dissolve to nothing
And disappear forever
As history will show

One day the clouds will vanish
And they’ll rain on me no more
Then all the days of morning
Will have finally ended
Sailed away to a distant shore

One day my love will die
And with it faith and hope
Then all will be for nothing
All will come to nought
As love and death elope

One day my grief will end
And I’ll suffer never more
Then will I rest at last
As my body slowly rots away
And I find myself at Heaven’s door

One day I’ll fade from knowledge
For life won’t me remember
But until that final day
I’ll keep loving, hoping, living
From January to December

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