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Daniel Sintos Daniel Sintos
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Born Again - Corvus

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Part of the "Born Again" collaborative project. Any feedback is welcome. If you'd like to join the project, join the discussion thread "= Interactive Writing =".

Corvus took a breath. There was nothing like the pause before chaos.

He set off the alarm of his bedside clock and threw it down the hallway. Even with the apartment door open, the horde passed Corvus and Austin without paying them a fleeting glance. It was just as he thought: the dead became increasingly hunter-like over time, depending more on their sense of smell and hearing than their sight.

Corvus signalled and Austin immediately bolted the other way. Those farther from the alarm clock began to take notice. Corvus followed after Austin, a camping bag on tow, gym bag in one hand, and a desert eagle in the other. As soon as he heard that distinct, low, guttural growl, Corvus looked back and fired five rapid shots. Five corpses slumped to the ground. The rest of the horde turned from their distraction; Corvus saw the hunger in their cloudy eyes.

“Corvus!” Austin shouted from the elevator. “I know what you’re thinking. Get your ass in here right now!”

Corvus laughed, fired three quick shots, and when the horde charged at him he lunged straight for the elevator. Once inside, Austin rushed for the panel, but Corvus grabbed him by the wrist.

“Fire,” Corvus ordered, tone even.

Austin turned to him then at the approaching horde. “Are you crazy?!”

Corvus laid down the gym bag and grinned as he zipped it open. He took out a smaller assault rifle than the one Austin was holding. “I’ll cover you. It’ll be great practice for you.”

Austin turned to the horde. “Fuck you, Corvus!” Bullets rained on the zombies in loud bursts as Austin’s arm shook from the recoil he had yet to get used to.

Corvus shot the zombies that were getting too close. “Aim for the head,” he said. “They still seem dependent on their brains to function.”

“Just kill them! I’m wasting bullets we could be using later!”

Austin had a point. Half of his shots punched through the walls or the ceiling instead of rotting flesh. And those that did hit the zombies rarely left any lethal holes. Corvus chuckled. “I doubt it. There’s more ammo in the truck and we’ll be stopping by my,” he paused, “work locker room.”

Austin wasn’t stupid. Judging by the look on his face, he had an idea of what Corvus meant—and he obviously wasn’t happy about it. He’d been snide ever since Corvus told him he was a hitman. It wasn’t so much what he did, Austin had explained while stabbing their bags with supplies, but the fact that Corvus had kept it a secret. Still, Austin trusted him enough to do everything he was asked. For someone who often got people rallying behind his ideas, that said something. As the last zombie dropped, Corvus knew he’d make it up to Austin. After being together for so long, how could he not?

“That wasn’t so bad,” he said.

“Go to hell,” Austin snapped as he closed the elevator doors.

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