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Erika Jones Erika Jones
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A poem by Salem Hazi'im; Nightmare

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soul mates

A poem by Salem Hazi'im

The world is a rough place,
meant to change it's children so they
can face their problems on their own once
they leave the comforts of home with their parents.

A place where we can spread our roots,
  spread the family tree with those we
  choose to spend the rest of our lives
with, that someone that makes us happy,

  even if that someone is the same sex.
   It shouldn't matter who you date,
   as long as you're happy. But the
  world tries to break those kinds of love apart

   with laws that are ridiculous and even
    sound stupid. Even destroys our rights
    our finding fathers wrote over a hundred
   years ago. But none of the people care,

    all they care about is

  The world is a rough place, even when you're
           with the one you love, or thought you loved.
   Because they can turn their back on you,
  and turn your world into a living Nightmare.

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