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Jay Pacer Jay Pacer
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Robin Goode

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Robin Goode-Synopsis

A Story of a Modern day Robin Hood who is faced with the dilemma of personally finding out if ultimate power ultimately corrupts when he designs and creates a Universal hacking programme and hacks his way into FBI and Government networks, Satellites, TV and Media, Arms and Weapons,Banking, Mainframes,  and begins the process of trying to build a fair world voting system and a truer democracy with more equality for all.
Though trying to create a utopian society on modern day earth is no easy task as Robin finds out as he takes on the personal challenge of transferring, blocking and controlling all funds by creating a password encrypted finger print/retinal scan that only he can activate.
He begins disarming all weapons worldwide and gains access and control over the worlds technology and establishes a secure link with those in Power to begin negotiations and discuss terms and agreements to begin the implementation of True World Democracy and Equality
Remaining hidden and an enigma to the world throughout and using technology that changes voice waves or pattern recognition while communicating with 3 Main World Leader spokespeople
Robin lays down a list of changes in a speech in negotiations which include:
The True World Vote
Equality and what that really means in terms of fair world Justice and without any form of discrimination
The reform and legislation Change Act to begin with immediate effect
The True Law of the Land Act
The World Agreement Treaty
Robin maintains the same stealth when he takes over the media and TV networks and creates The Robin Goode News Channel and Truth TV begins broadcasting Globally now Robin is instructing the Media on what the media can and can not put out.
Facing threats from People of Power and Politicians and corporates and The Military Forces offering him bribes to give up his identity and location, not to mention World Crime Leaders Offering their Support are just some of the many challenges Robin experiences
Robin hits a Psychological Wall and faces his biggest challenge when the the risk of all he is fighting for to create more peace, fairness and good in the world runs the risk of turning into a Global Riot and a Major historic catastrophe and then the penny drops in a sudden flood of realisation a Robin knows what to do and exactly how to do it. Realising such a task is simply too much for anyone individual he trusts in the support of a small band of people required to do their bit in the aim of not only stopping a potential world disaster but also connecting the world by reaching the hearts of the many to create real changes for all (Speech)
A Holy-man, A Crime-lord, A lieutenant, A Skilled Shoalin Master, Mary Anne (The Daughter of a Noble KTFM) and The owner of the world largest computer technology companies
Together utilising their resources, skills, commitment and passion for true world peace, freedom and democracy and with a team of people employed and trusted by them they pull of one of the single most important, pivotal, poignant and significant robberies in History ending famine,hunger and poverty by controlling waste and overproduction of food supplies and distributing funds worldwide and initiating a ripple of change that reaches the collective conscience of the many over the few

Full Story for a book and film idea By Jay Pacer 2011

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