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Raymond lloyd Williams Raymond lloyd Williams
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The Thinking Chair

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soul mates

The Thinking Chair is  where you sit on your own, when you have been naughty in class.

My son Maxwell, has a naughty step at his nursery called 'The Thinking Chair'
where if you misbehave in class, you end up sitting in the corner on your own in the thinking chair, where you can sit and think about why you have been naughty in class.

So I asked my son 'have you been naughty and ended up sitting in the thinking chair?'
he says 'no daddy im a very good boy at nursery, I have not been on the thinking chair.'
Funny enough the teachers think my son is a good boy at nursery.

To me that's a shock because at home he is the opposite, he is naughty and always wants his own way. I suppose if he was always naughty in class, then I would have the teachers in my ears, about my son's behaviour in class.

So when I went to parents evening a few months ago, I was just supprised at just how quiet my son was, it was like you could hear a pin drop, but when im at home it's different he is so loud at home, you can put the volume up to full and you could still hear him, making lots of noise, the transformation is amazing, two different sides, the bad and the good.

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