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Nate Sprague Nate Sprague
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The Improbable Foes - Episode 2, Fighting Fire with Fire

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EPISODE 2 - Fighting Fire with Fire

Batman's feet hit the earth quieter than an ant sneaks, right in front of the door leading to this, "Black Widow's location. Batman inspects the door in front of him, as his cape quietly drifts in the wind. Batman touches the handle of the door and twists it, opening it. He slowly walked in, more dark than night itself. He guides his arm behind his cape, and pulls out his tracking device, looking at the red dot which was supposedly Black Widow. Batman thinks to himself, "The dot is stationary, so she could be at a computer, which sounds reasonable".

Batman quietly puts his tracker back in his utility belt, and crouches. He slowly begins to crouch his way to the dot's location. Finally arriving to his destination, he hears typing of keys in the next room. "I knew it. This Black Widow is just the Oracle for Deadshot". He quietly touches the doorknob, then oh so gently turns it, until it opens, with only making a hint of noise. As he slowly walks into the room, seeing a large chair in front of him and computer monitors, he leaves the door open behind him. He slowly escorts himself to right behind the chair. Batman then quickly goes for the mouth cover and strangle, attempting to make the person at the computer pass out from a lack of oxygen, without the noise.

To Batman's surprise, his arms only hit the smooth leather of the chair. "But I heard typing, she-" Batman instantly feels something wrap around his neck, and he gets thrown towards the wall, hitting it hard, then falling to the ground. He quickly gets up and faces his attacker. He looks up, gawking at the sight of this Black Widow, seeing as it is actually a woman. Batman conceives to himself, "She must have disguised her voice when talking through the walkie-talkie, so she couldn't be found easily."

Batman stands up, and glares into Black Widow's eyes, as her mouth begins to move. "Finally, I've fou-" , but before she could finish, Batman replies in a deep, eerie voice, "I suppose you're this, 'Black Widow'. Why did you send Deadshot after me. I've already handled him." Black Widow speaks once more, "He was merely a toy, which I sent only to get your attention. You're a hard... bat to find". Batman quickly retorts, "I don't take business calls. I'm leaving". Batman begins to walk towards the door, but gets stopped by a kick in his back.

Batman only gets pushed forward a little, quickly looking back and sending a strong jab at Black Widow. She dodges it, then sending a punch of her own at Batman. Batman easily grabs the arm before it reaches him, he then raises his elbow into her chest, then proceeding to raise his knee. As she was hit back, Batman stops her, grabbing her arm. He lunges her towards him, then hitting her face with the back of his palm, making her hit the ground hard. She quickly gets up, staring at Batman in the mystical eyes.

Batman raises his arms in a T formation, raising his cape with it. Batman yells, "YAH!", distracting her, then he sends both arms in a half-circular fashion towards the sides of her head. Making impact, he follows it up with a strong punch to her gut. Black Widow falls to her knees in mercy. She pants out the words, "I w-was only seeking... assistance. Ag-against a strong force". Batman looks at her with a very bitter face, as he snaps, "I have my own enemies, my own list! I don't pickup other peoples' messes!".

Black Widow looks down at chest in pain. She then looks back up, and all she saw was a closed door.

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