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Natalie Leclerc Natalie Leclerc
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Suddenly Engagements Are Happening?

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soul mates

Since we all didn't die in 2012-I guess most my girlfriends ditched to get hitched in 2013.
All of a sudden my facebook was flooding with 5 people at first,
but quickly grew to 8+ of girls I knew whom have rings on their fingers and posting engagement photos.
Don't get me wrong; I'm happy for them.
But seriously, why didn't I get the memo? Or more importantly why didn't he?
Whenever I see my friend's engagement photos my first thought is, "seriously? Fuck you that should be me!"
I know it sounds harsh, and honestly it does in my head too.
I just can't help it, why can't that be me?
Boosting about my soon to be husband all over the social site.
They are planning their bridal showers, and shopping for gowns.
I'm over here looking over my wedding scrapbook I made and the one on pinterest-
and can't help but wonder;
Why isn't that me?
It should be me.
I have loved weddings since I was a little girl wondering into my neighbors lawn to witness my very first wedding ( I wasn't invited but since I was nearly 5 my cuteness level got me in ).
Just that look the guy gave his wife right before she made it to him captured my heart forever.
If I could, I would go to weddings everyday.
Seriously, I would.
The family,
The bridal flower toss (which I always go for) have caught 4 of them ;)
I have four bunches of flowers behind me,
(doesn't mean I should have been married by now?)
And the last one I caught, he was there beside me!
Its been 2 years with him, we are so happy together;
I love him so much, he's home to me.
We met in middle school and were friends first.
Common fate play me the ring card-please?
You have dealt me such a good hand when we found that ring together on a trip,
in a small vintage shop it was in a case,
just as we were walking out the door the gleam caught my eye and there it was.
I put in on my finger, we looked at eachother, and the way it felt on my finger, we knew it was the one.
He bought it right there and then. I wanted him to pop the question then-
but our relationship was fairly new.
He claims he is waiting for the right moment and I respect that. I'm trying to be patient.
I wish he would do it tomorrrow!
Please send me a sign of when he is going to? I feel like I'm going mad.
Its in his bedside table...
I want to be his future bride, and I know he wants to be husband.
Please fate, let him propose soon!
I want to plan my bridal shower, wedding, everything!

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