Nicole Martinez Nicole Martinez
Recommendations: 7

Absolutely love this beginning paragraph!

Shade Webb Shade Webb
Recommendations: 4

Thank you very much :)

Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
Recommendations: 31

A very good start. Effective way to explain a man who has been driven to the limit. I hope as the story goes, he will find some salvation too and as you say, he will be normal again. :)

Shade Webb Shade Webb
Recommendations: 4

Keep in mind all he says is "Perhaps we will be the same again." He makes no mention of becoming sane, perhaps he's talking about the opposite effect :P

Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
Recommendations: 31

Oh no! I am a Disney fan. He must get well and marry a princess.

Shade Webb Shade Webb
Recommendations: 4

Rofl well.. we will see eh? :P

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Shade Webb Shade Webb
Recommendations: 4

The Snap - Pt. 1

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She had a friend.

Someone asked if my last story was going to be a series or not, which inspired me to actually create a storyline for just such an opportunity. Here goes.

The following writing contains explicit content.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to completely break someone? To see all traces of hope fade from their eyes as you stand before them. To hear their screams and pleas fade off slowly. Tapering into what can only be described as whimpers. A whimper that sounds somehow, familiar. Is it the hint of realization that whimper contains perhaps? That slight intonation of sudden realization mixed with.. what is that.. ah yes! Despair. 2 comments

Don’t lie to me now. I know what your first thought was, after all we are so much alike, are we not? You sit there in your chair reading my words with those smug thoughts. Thinking that you are better than me! Thinking that I’m what.. crazy? Insane perhaps? You are a fool. All it takes is one push. That one event that shoves a sane man just a little too far, just a touch over the edge. All that separates you from me, dear reader, is mere seconds.

Maybe it will be the next time you’re pulling into a parking spot and get cut off by that asshole in a tanktop and sunglasses with his hat on tilted and blaring dubstep from his daddy’s convertible. Maybe when you go through the drivethrough on the way home from work only to realize the drugged up dropouts that work there have managed to ruin your order for the fourth day in a row. As if you need fast food four days in a row. Maybe your wife complains to you one time too many about how lazy you’ve gotten recently. What if your husband decides he needs more attention than you’re giving him, and finds it in the arms of his newest hire at the office?

These are the things I never thought of. I went through life the same as you do now, ignoring the possibilities. Blind to the notion that life might decide I need a good fucking one day. What do you think it would take, to cause a man to lose touch with everything he’s ever valued. To abandon all reason. All of his lifelong dreams. I can tell you what happened to me, reader. You won’t like it, no, but you’ll listen. You’ll sit there in your chair, safe and cozy in your own little world, unable to break yourself away. Those smug fucking thoughts going through your head, judging every word as it passes through your mind and is digested through your consciousness. I know all this, because we were the same once. Perhaps we will be the same again. 4 comments

To be continued…

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