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(Unfortunately,) not Unforantely.

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Natalie Leclerc Natalie Leclerc
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Narcissistic Parents

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Until you have these kinds of parents; you don't understand how they can be.
Some parents are just difficult. Then there's this kind of parent.
Unforantely, I am a daughter of this kind of parenting style.
Which is the most backwords type of parenting-and I vow to my future children I will not be this cruel.
I'm more nurturing and loving, and thank god I didn't not end up like them.
And will work hard so I won't ever end up like them.
Growing up was fine. But when I hit middle school and gained curves thats when it started.
Narcissitic parents get on you about everything they see wrong about your life,
so for me in their eyes its my weight I'm a little curvy and they are not.
They openly admitted they think bigger people are gross-so when they look at me I'm a mess in their eyes.
If its not weight, it was my schooling when I was in school. If I got a B or C which is great in my book,
they would say things like, "didn't you try?" or "a C isn't a good grade."
Of course if I failed they were worse.
And if its not one of those two things, its my life in general.
I'm 22 years old, they treat me like I'm a spiralling out of control 16 year old.
I did fine in school, I mean yes they pulled me out when I was elementary to get me tested to see if I had a learning disorder just because I was a little behind...
Those are some bad repressed memories I don't ever want to re-live.
They leave interneal scars with their words,
They are deep,
and keep getting new layers of scaring ontop because they won't stop.
I've tried telling them how I feel,
They won't listen.
They say these horrid things like; "you don't need to eat that ice cream you already have a spare tire"-
"you look like your 6 months pregnant!"- "are you 200 pounds yet? DO SOMETHING!"
Those are all quotes, and trust me there are far worse ones.
I have already decided that when I move out-I am not going to speak to my parents for awhile.
These types of parents try to ruin you from the inside out.
They don't even apologize they just act like everythings back to normal after words.
I just don't know what to do.
I'm sure my boyfriend is worn out of me calling him 2-3 times a week crying my eyes out because of them.
Just need to focus on getting a job, and saving up a lot of money so I can move out, and in with my real love, B.
He loves me no matter what and no matter what size.
I will be able to focus on losing weight once I'm away from all this.
I will do it on my terms, not theirs.
And live my life my way, and not care what they think. (I'm already doing it but have to hear their judgemental words constantly is killing me). 1 comment

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