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Chessie Carter Chessie Carter
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One direction ( unfinished)

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She had a friend.

      Once upon a time, during senior year, I was a normal unpopular high-school girl.  I never thought that would change, I was weird and I liked it that way. Any who being the social outcast I was I started to walk home alone listening to my music. I
lived three blocks away from the school and it was the middle of January so I was bound
to slip a couple times. There was this one huge ice patch and I crashed hard, my violin
flew a good yard to the side, but when I looked up I saw him. Niall Horan, I must have
hit my head on the ice, I was wrong. I stared into his mocha colored eyes as I pulled
out my earphones. He held out his hand, and  I took it.“That was quite a fall you took there. You alright?” He bent down and grabbed my violin as I dusted the snow off my jeans. He held the violin out to me.

“ Yea....” I took the violin back, “So what is Niall Horan of  One Direction doing In
Cache valley..if you don't mind me asking.”

“Um... we're Preforming for an assembly at Sky View.  Do you go there?”

“Yea...Oh its getting dark and I still have three blocks to walk home...cant wait to see
you preform.”

“How 'bout I walk you home. If thats okay with you.”I nodded and we started walking,
very slowly. He started humming Little Things, then he reached out and grabbed my hand.
I flinched when he did this, we looked at each other and I saw him smiling,”I'm sorry,
but when I'm with a pretty girl I want to hold her hand.” I just looked at him, smiled,
and squeezed his hand.        

I was upset when we reached my yard. I turned to him and said,” Thank you for helping me up and walking me home.” I turned around and started walking to the door.
“Wait!” He grabbed my arm and turned me around. We stared into each others eyes for what seemed like forever. He pulled me close and whispered in my ear,” I'll meet you on stage during your lunch our tomorrow.” He Kissed my cheek, let go of my arm, and ran back towards the school. I was frozen in that spot until my mom opened the door and told me it was time to go inside or I'd catch a cold. That night I laid  wide awake hoping that tomorrows lunch hour would come soon.

      The next day I did my normal routine, but I dressed cuter and took more time on my makeup, that really ticked my brother. When my mom asked why I dressed up I just smiled and told her I had to go. I started walking to school...well more like rushing. I crashed on  that same ice patch but this time  I did hit my head.
         When I got to school my head throbbed all day, and I felt really dizzy. One of very few friends told me call to go home, but it almost lunch, so I told her if after I ate and I wasn't feeling better I would go home. As soon as the fourth hour bell rang I shoved everything into my bag and ran to stage.
         As I casually walked in I saw all five of the boys. Niall looked at me and I brightened, all of a sudden I forgot about the killer head ache.“Hey there!”Niall yelled in his wonderful Irish accent. He walked up and hugged me, I didn't want him to let go. “Let me introduce you to the rest of the gang. This is Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn.  Boys this is...oh my gosh I don't even know your name.”
“Oh, I'm Chessie. Nice to meet all of you. Wow I never thought I would meet anyone as talented as the five of you.”
        Harry smiled at me with his boyish grin, “ She's a directioner, better keep her around Niall.” I blushed and looked at how embarrassed Nial was, “Oh and look how easily they both turn pink.”
         We all started to laugh, and as Nial and I sat with our legs hanging off the stage he whispered, “Don't worry about what they say, I like girls who blush.” Now of course that made me turn red. “I do like you Chessie, I know we just met but theres something about you I.”

“Yea?” I looked at him full of curiosity.

“Your going to laugh at me but, I feel as if I've known you forever yet theres so much to learn its like...”

“Love at first sight.” We stared into each others eyes, he got closer and moved a hair from my cheek.
         When our faces were only an inch apart my dizziness and head ache came rushing back. It was too much pain to take all at once. I screamed in agony, it seemed like the room was spinning spinning so fast I couldn't make out any shapes. Then everything went black.

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