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Paul Day Paul Day
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The Fairies of the Wild Plains

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soul mates

Part of my YA Picture Story Book, The Fairies of the Wild Plains

The Fairies of the Wild Horse Plains,
stride on steed across the wilds.
Fearless holding bridled reins,
as their horses gallop on for miles.

They heard the rumours from the hills,
about what secret on horizon lays.
In tireless effort do their horses race,
as they snort and pant and neigh.

A distant shrill, call from afar,
all but stops the horses dead.
As heightened sense points eager ears,
to the coming of their dread.

Then high upon a nearby hill,
a white horse with her ride.
Sounding once silent trumpet blast,
sending riders out from where they hide.

They met the riders on the prairie,
in number more than twenty one.
And halt the black horse leader,
‘gainst the beating of a distant drum.

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