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Shastie King Shastie King
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Fallen Prey

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Fallen Prey
By: Shastie King

Insecurities brought me here, fear keeps me here.
Passion rescued me, lies captured me, and deception broke me.
A target for love I became, happiness kelp me sane, hate had me drained.
Anger builds inside of me, and blurry my awareness converted. Ignorance grew from the roots of me; deceit corrupted me spiritually
Sex was my addiction, I forgot all about religion, fleshly values was my concern, broken heart, after broken heart, I yet couldn’t let it burn.
I grasped to what I thought I needed more, darkness took over my light, against all odds I lost the fight.
My guards began to fall, my fence began to breach, and my shield and buckler began to leave.
Furthermore my eyes couldn’t see I was a victim of the enemy
With God out the picture, Wisdom is no clearer
I’m now a target, with fear I’m bombarded, searching for my friends, “nowhere to be found.”
I became a walking surveillance, the feeling of being alone I hated facing.
My body grew cold; something had a tight grip on my soul,
I called to the Messiah, please have mercy, he heard me not
Patiently he waited for me to come back home,
Now over my head the heavens have closed and my predator awaits me.
I realized not the importance of life, I fought and fought, and fought  against what was right.
I tried with my might to regain strength, but God has left my vessels
Hence, Then I was weakened beyond measure.
God was understood to be my potter and I’m his clay but I began to make it my own way.
Now I’m my predators, FALLEN PREY!!!

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