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Melissa Collyer Melissa Collyer
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Never grow up

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soul mates

Never Grow Up

So young and so little
All wrapped up in blankets
A warm woollen shelter
Protects you from darkness

Safe in your dreams
Where your future can’t enter
Dreaming of toys
And your own lovely laughter

I turn on the night light
And watch as the colours
Dance patterns on walls
And I stare in wonder

At you my sweet child
So innocent and free
Who laughs when I smile
And sleeps peacefully

To you the world’s funny
There is nothing you hate
You feel no pain
Cry no tears of heart break

You never feel angry
You have no regrets
And I wish to the heavens
You could stay like that

Because someday you’ll change
And the smiles will fade
And tears of emotion
Will fall down your face

You will try to go back
Try to relive your past
Only to find
That it never lasts

Thoughts will enter your head
Memories rise to the surface
Emotions will heighten
And then comes the sadness

So let me make you a promise
I will protect your heart
If you promise me that you
Will never grow up 1 comment

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