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Natalie Leclerc Natalie Leclerc
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soul mates

Life is all about juggling isn't it?
You work, go to school, and maintain a social life all at once?
Why do people juggle all this?
I mean its easy doing two, but three or four things?
How can one bare it?
I've been one to juggle, I drop all the balls every time.
Yes, for some people who are lucky enough to pick up juggling at an early age tend to do better in life.
Those who learn later on, slow themselves down.
I'm the learning later on kid.
I have been learning to juggle two at once, but to add a third?
Can I do this?
I'm worried, and anxious to attempt it.
But like everything that comes in life, I must learn.
Drop a ball once or twice but then get the hang of it.
Like riding a bike, I fell once or twice. Maybe three lets not kid ourselves,
Eventually I got it. And rode off.
The same came with my car, it took a couple tries to learn how to do different things,
Then once I learned, passed the test, I drove off.
Hopefully life will do the same to me.
Once I learn to juggle a bunch of things successfully it will finally pick up.
So here I come work, school, B *my boyfriend*, and friends.
I will do it all at once.
I can do this.
Stupid juggling.

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