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Marc marlon Villaflor Marc marlon Villaflor
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Chasing Dreams

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She had a friend.

Every second, every minutes, and every hours of the day the world is changing. It is like were doing the same exact  thing, but time defines the difference of what we are doing, how the things change in our hands and how it shape our life every day.

It's a summer of 2000 When I met the guy name Omer, He is a young lad playing in a Latin school football team. I thought it is just a coincidence meeting with this boy but this event lead us to build and experience a very colorful and meaningful life.

It’s a busy day in the metropolitan; walking through the street leading to the subway to catch the morning trip going to downtown San Lucas, I felt so weak having no sleep last night, thought of sleeping while the train rushing to the place where I am going to. My eyes just tired and lazy so eventually I  sleep. Suddenly, I hear a bouncing sound, when I open my eyes there is an object bump on the floor it is a soccer ball, and it is bouncing in front of me.  The boy age like 16 wearing a football uniform with a curly hair, bronze skin very athletic body approach me and said "I am sorry it is not my intention to wake you up"and he smile, when i startled talk back awkwardly I said  "it’s alright" and I give him a comforting smile to show him that I am not intimidated.

The train stopped in San Lucas Station, I get myself ready, get my bag and walk toward the door of the train, when I look around I see him standing behind me, the boy still smiling. I  look at his face, it is very gentle, so  sweet, curly black hair, pretty set of white teeth, with sexy brown eyes it  really capture my attention. I smile back to this lad and the train door open and crowed rush out.

I wish I can talk to him but I am very hesitant. "Omer, Here"! The man shouted sporting with brown jacket and a classic pair of white shirt and blue jeans, he called the young lad and the boy wave to that man calling, he smiled, Hi Coach! glad you are here a jolly reaction from the lad. I am still looking at him, I don’t know if I walk away or not, but still, I am just waiting, pretending like I am waiting for somebody. Finally the other boys all wearing the same uniform arrive and they are happy seeing each other. So Omer is his name, the name still linger in my head, before he left the place he just look at me, I wave to say goodbye and he wave back, beautifully smiling and they are gone.

It’s a rare kind of feeling seeing this lad, though I meet a lot people in the train, but never got a chance to meet like this sweet boy.  I am still thinking about him, until I reach the university. I am working as a supervisor in student center in San Lucas University.

The hours left so fast but me lazily spending most of my time thinking the sweet encounter in the train.  

I am just too shy trying to know the details of this kid.  Time to go home Romeo said, I reply, take care buddy. Romeo is one of my best buddies in the university.

I locked the door of my office and started walking, rain started to pour, I never mind the pouring rain, my thought goes to Omer, I don’t know why? Really,  how it comes like this. Seems that he is everything to me.

"To be continued..."

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