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Daniela Bustamante Daniela Bustamante
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Blank White Room

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I still haven't finished the story but here's another piece.

It was a white room... I remember that. Plain white room.  But the room was decorated as if for a little girl. What caught my attention at first was the woman sitting on the bed. She was dressed in white and had a head full of short curly black hair. Her back facing towards me... now my first reaction was 'please don't let this be someone with an extremely hideous face that let's out a loud scream.' I was scared yet took steps forward. 3 steps and she said 'you made it. I've been waiting for this for a while.' That voice! I recognized it but couldn't distinguish it. Was it a former teacher? Family friend? She spoke perfect english... hmmm. She stands up and pats her dress down. Wait... I'm taller than her.. About 2 inches I would say. She turns around and says 'hi beautiful.' Now i'm 100% positive this is a dream because the woman standing in front of me is my mother.' You don't recognize me? What's wrong sweetheart? I know you never saw me this young but it's me! You look like you just saw a ghost!' I didn't know whether to laugh at that or cry. I WAS looking at a ghost. My mother is dead. This is impossible. I....I... don't want to talk to this lady, this is freaking me out! She sits down and pats the bed and says 'come sit next to me baby' I slowly take some steps towards her and sit down. 'This can't be happening! You're dead! How is it that you're here and you're talking to me!?' I say. She leans in and embraces me. My body is filled with a warmth.. there's a peace. I don't want her to ever let go! She holds me like if i'm a baby that she's held for the first time... it is the strongest hug ever and I haven't felt it since I was 11 years old. I immediately start to cry. She runs her hand through my hair and rubs my back... she has the softest touch ever. I cry in her arms for a good while and she says 'it's okay...'

I woke up with my white pillow in my arms drenched in tears.

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