Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
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I really Ike th eimagery created by this concise stanza. It's very masterful.

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Paul Day Paul Day
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Upon Reflection

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soul mates

I turn to see an image,
High upon the wall.
A painting,
Or reflection,
I cannot tell at all.

A picture so familiar,
Yet tarnished with age.
Like an old song,
Or a loved story,
Written on a page.

A face that’s full of wrinkles,
Each line upon another.
On inspection,
It appears,
Resembling a mother.

Grey hair thinning,
Blue veins appear.
Tired expression,
Through old eyes,
Full of regret I fear. 1 comment

But when I walk away,
The portrait leaves as well.
A Painting,
Or reflection,
I cannot really tell.

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