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Daniela Bustamante Daniela Bustamante
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Dear Mom- A message of love. Part 2

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Slowly introducing my mother.

Generous, Hardworking, and Helpful.

You were always looking for a way to help out... whether it was at church or at work. That's one thing that I remember perfectly... you always loved to help people out. You never pushed anyone away. On the other hand, you always received them with open arms. You were so generous. You opened up your home to those in need. You were always working hard; at your job, you would always go that extra mile just so everything could be in order. You would push yourself to the extreme always going out of your comfort zone. In the end you would be tired but proud at the same time because you had achieved what you were striving for.

And beautiful, too!

You had such a beautiful face! Your eyes glowed even when there was no light shining on them. Your smile was so convincing. When you smiled or laughed, you made everyone else around you happy. You brought warmth to my heart whenever you would smile. You would never frown but when you would see someone frowning, you always made sure they left with a smile on their face. Your smile was what made you beautiful and that's what made you 'you'... Leana.

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