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Daniela Bustamante Daniela Bustamante
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Dear Mom- A message of love. Part 3

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I try to capture everything I can.

Thank you for your nurturing when I was just a little person.

... rocking, feeding, cuddling, consoling.

You took care of me so well. Even though I didn't really know what was going on when I was little but I know that you took care of me well. There was always a special song that you would sing to me when I would go to sleep and up to this day I still remember that song. Even when I started getting older, you would still sing that song to me... all I had to do was cuddle up next to you and you would hug me and sing. Now that I come to think of it... that was an everyday thing. But you didn't care, you were always there with open arms. I loved that about you... I loved when you would just hold me in your arms. I knew that I was safe and secure within my mother's arms.

And for sticking with me through my phases-past and present.

Well I didn't go through many phases while you were here but I'm sure you would have accepted whatever phase I went through. Unless if I were to ask you about getting a piercing.. you probably would have said that I'm crazy! But let me tell you that I haven't gone through multiple phases, but I know that you would have always been by my side and if something didn't look good, you would tell me so. :)

I appreciate how you've always made time to be WITH me in addition to doing things FOR me... laughing, talking, playing, and just hanging out.

We would laugh about the dumbest things mom! We would laugh at the dumb things that we would do, even laughed at other people. Of course we would always hang out because we were always together. We would watch T.V, watch movies, and watch the day go by together. As you would cook, I would just sit there and watch how you enjoyed to do what you loved the most. Everything would always be together!

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