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I love this paragraph! Finally I meet someone like you. I'm the exact same way!

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Natalie Leclerc Natalie Leclerc
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What I Pray For...

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soul mates

Just a random thought

This is a disclaimer-I'm not that religious by any means. More spiritual-hippy ish.
Anyway heres what I pray for on the nights I do pray;

1-thanking the big man upstairs for bringing Ben into my life and how grateful I am towards Ben, he has filled my life with such joy and love. I pray for us to be together until death due us part. I pray for a ring from him, and kids eventually.

2-my family and friends happiness and health. I love and adore my friends and family so much more than they know.

3-to keep the world safe :) I believe in peace all around (part of that hippy vibe) I'm a flower child born that was born in 90's. 1 comment

4-to prevent natural disasters from happening. They freak me out no matter how small...wouldn't it just be better that they didn't happen at all?

Thats it :)

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