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Daniela Bustamante Daniela Bustamante
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Dear Mom- A message of love. Part 6

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My strengths come from her.

You know me like no other (the good, the bad, and the ugly!) Thanks for loving me day after day.

I remember when we would go to visit some of your friends, I would always be shy and when they offered me something I would always say no. You would always tell them to just give it to me, that in reality I wanted it but I was too shy to say yes. It was true, I always wanted everything but I was too shy to say yes. And not only that, you knew me well in everything. You knew when something was wrong and always knew how to get it out of me. I remember one time when you tried to give me a kiss in front of my friends from school and I wiped it off. When I got home, you were crying because I had hurt your feelings. I remember that I apologized about 20 times because I felt so bad. You, as a wonderful mother, forgave me and from that day on I didn't care who was around when you gave me a hug or kiss. You were my mother and you had the right to do that in public and I always appreciated your love.

I know you're my mom. But you're also an AMAZING person with her own strengths and passions. Thanks for letting me be a part of who you are.

You had such an amazing strength. If you were a super hero, you would be my favorite. I'm not only talking about physical strength but emotionally too. I'm sure that your heart was hurt a lot yet you always remained strong and you would never let anything bring you down. You didn't care what people did to you, you would always keep living your life like nothing happened. Now let's talk about physically... you could take anything! I remember that sometimes you would be in pain and you would act like if nothing was wrong, you always dealt with it in some way or another. Weakness never existed in your vocabulary.

And for being the consistent, supportive person who roots for me.

I remember one time I fell asleep while doing my homework and I didn't end up waking up until 9 that night. I remember I started crying because I didn't finish my homework. I sat there and cried like if someone had hurt me. I remember you telling me that everything was going to be fine I could still finish my homework and that I didn't have to cry over that; I would still be on the right track. You were the one that had me that way. I always made sure that I had my work done because in the future you wanted me to be successful and not end up doing nothing with my life. You always wanted me to be someone big in life because you knew that I had the knowledge and that I was capable of doing great things with my life.

You are my inspiration!

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