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Jessy Andrews Jessy Andrews
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Empty Concentration, Sweet Obliviousness

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soul mates

Empty Concentration
Sweet Obliviousness
Written by:
Jessy Andrews
2:48 PM PDT
Poem 4

Frozen in time.
Frozen in space.
Staring out at nothing.
What is felt is this is how it needs to be.

Concentration on nothing.
Wandering goes into sweet obliviousness.
Just a still body with eyes staring blankly.
Staring blankly trying to reclaim what makes sense.

So tired the soul becomes of having to come up with a defense.
Tired of just looking for excuses.
To just be. That is reality.
That is life as it is known.

Or life as it is made to be known.
Question everything no matter how minute.
Though focus is supposed to be on this very moment.
It’s hard to do so when nothing makes any form of sense.

To many in this life are comfortable not picking a side of the fence.
Though there are a great deal of grey areas.
The black and white have become so far fetched.
As quoted in many lyrics from before, nothing is what it really seems.

If only for a moment stop.
Stop and take a breath.
Stop and look at everything.
There are answers.

No, they’re not at face value.
Some have to be sought out.
Some have to be fought for.
Some lay at the feet in the sand on a empty shore.

Staring out at nothing.
Seeing neither darkness nor light.
In this realm of empty concentration.
In time what is being  sought out will come into sight.

Gaining a answer by force is never one that’s true.
It’s a lie sugar coated to look as truth.
Many will go through this life not having one damn clue.

But, it doesn’t matter.
Frozen in time.
Frozen in space.

Time is here to wear a different face.

©Ministries of The Chaotic

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