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Natalie Leclerc Natalie Leclerc
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I Don't Understand..

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soul mates

Whats wrong with me?
Why can't I leave my savings account alone?
I go pull money, and spend it on lunches out with the girls, or when I'm with Ben. Or my car troubles.
I need to pull my savings back up to where it use to be.
My parent closed our joint saving, at least I still have my solo savings.
I want to move out so bad,
I just need more money.
Why can't I find a high paying job where I will like it, and it will like me?
I am really grateful to my new job,
but I know I have to take on a second job to get enough to move out.
I'm really extremly grateful Ben has a better paying job. If he moves out first I go with him.
My parents are embarrassed of me, and are worried too.
I know they are, they don't express it the right way.
Which sucks.
My new 2013 goal is to get more in my savings account and move out!!

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