Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Didyou mean``eligible``boys?`

Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
Recommendations: 18

Should that read``We would (like) to make sure you`re safe?

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Natalie Leclerc Natalie Leclerc
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Untitled (For Now)...#3

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Another sample of the book I'm writing. Part 3

Bree had been wanting to get Gill on POV or Plenty of Fish the dating site since she had met him but he was reserved about the whole ordeal. So Bree started setting up an account anyway, as she started inputting information, Gill started to panic.

"What if no one messages me?"
"Gill, it will be fine." Giving him a pat on the back.
"What if no one likes me on there?" Pointing at the screen.
"There will be some that won't but plenty that will, hence it being called plenty of fish...
What picture should we use?"
Gill looked at her as if she was crazy. "You have to upload a picture?!"
"Of course you do, how else will those elible boys see you?"
"They see through the power of words?" He started breathing more heavily. "Use that one of me before the Lady Gaga concert."
"Oh Gill, don't you think you look a bit too fabulous and glittery in that one?"
Once again she got the crazed looked from Gill.
"That's the point Bree, I need to look fabulous and extremely glittery its who I am."
"Fine, but lets focus on the quiz thing first before the picture."
"Bree, step aside I will do this part. After all, it's my account." 1 comment

As he pushed her off the chair, her phone lit up with Lulu's ringtone.

"Hi Lu"
"Hi B" (Lulu was the only one she allowed to call her B).
"Are you free enough for me to come over? I see Gill's highlights from my room"
Gill must have overheard and threw a wave over his shoulder.
"Sure come on over Lu, see you soon."
"Ok bye B."

Gill paused to turn to her.
"Do I act different online?"
"Uh, no."
"Oh good, then I will say no." He smiled and went back to the self quiz.
For being so against online dating an hour ago, Gill seemed to fit in just right in the online dating field.

When Lulu arrived the girls went to the kitchen to make cookies and let Gill finish his online profile. Exactly two hours later he came running into the kitchen claiming he had fallen in love already and was ready for a date.
"Woah, slow down Gilly, I just got you on there. Don't go biting the first fish you catch."
"Breezy, it's fine. I will meet Gordon in a public place so he can't kidnap or rape me."
"Still, it seems a bit soon. Why not fish around for a while, talk to a few guys and go from there."
He did the I'm not listening to you pose and turned to Lulu.
"Do you think it's too fast Lu?"
"I'm staying out of this."
He looked so disappointed.
"If you go on this date Lulu and I are coming as backup."
"You would do that?!"He grabbed for a cookie.
Lulu chimed back in, "yes we would to make sure you're safe."
"It's a deal ladies, I've got to go home and pick out and outfit. By the way it's this Friday."
He grabbed three more cookies before skipping out of the kitchen and out the front door. 1 comment

"Want some coffee and we can dicuss how crazy our Gill is?" Bree offered.
"Sure, but we both know how crazy he really is."

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