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Theweakend Hines Theweakend Hines
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Just A Dream..

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soul mates

This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

As I lay in bed thinking about all the good and bad things that happen over a short period of time in my life.I come to a conclusion that maybe I'm just a person who is not meant to be loved or in love for that matter.There been so many men who walked in and out of my life I'm starting to think that maybe its me and not them.Yeah you can say I blame the men that i have dated before for scorning me and molding me to think that all men are the same.But what do you do or say when you fall deep in love with somebody that already has a soul mate, partner,lover..Wife. There's nothing you can say only thing you can do is cry until you feel like you cant cry anymore and that's when you know you hit rock bottom.

Rock bottom? could this be it for me giving up on love and just being a bitter black women? Only using men for one thing and one thing only? or Could there be somebody out there for me just waiting to put that glistening ring on my finger? I need answers. I'm tried of feeling this way wasn't in my plans as a little girl to grow old by myself wishing for a life time partner.Only 29 years old and still look damn good i don't see whats the problem am i to much to handle? Who know no man ever took the time out to tell me how I really was only took the time to get what he wanted and left me out to dry.As I lay her getting down on myself i hear a knock at the door i look at the time and it reads 11:00 wondering who could this be at my door so late i grabbed my robe and slid my Chanel slippers on walking slowly to the door."Who is it" I said quietly hoping they would just go away "Hassan" the mystery voice bellowed back. "Hassan" "Hassan" i say to myself whispering trying to figure out if that name sound familiar to my knowledge i didn't know anybody by the name Hassan.

I opened the door so i could get a look at this character having the nerve to come to my house so late and i don't even know the fella.When i opened that door all i felt was hands lifting me up by my bubble ass and a juicy sweet tongue down my throat.Carried to my bed by this strong man surprisingly i couldn't picture his face it was a blurry vision and for some reason i didn't care if i could see him or not i felt so good by his touch. Sliding down my boy shorts ever so softly kissing on my legs i felt like a kid in a candy store i just wanted him inside me so badly i wanted to feel something hard pushing on my soft pink wet walls.Working his way up to my neck i was over joyed that this mystery man was blessed i could feel his hard rock dick between my throbbing pussy that was it for my starting to unbutton his pants i heard a ringing sound but it was very distant.It kept getting louder and louder and the next thing i know i was on the floor just me and my big ass pillows.

I couldn't do nothing but laugh i reached between my legs and my panties was soaked i felt so ashamed. Two nights in a row but this time it felt so real so pure and innocent almost like it was surreal.I get myself up off that damn floor and to my surprise the Mystery man in my dreams was laying in my bed!!!

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