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Peter Kayastha Peter Kayastha
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The waving sea

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She had a friend.

It was four, when Amen tied his bag for home. He had completed his regular job and since it was Friday he hurried to rush home. "Amen" called out Mr. Richard, head of the department at Brookfield. "Yes, Mr. Richard" he replied in gentle. The head asked him why he was leaving so soon that day. He simply answered the head that he had completed his job and his dad was waiting him for fishing. Then, Mr. Richard allowed him to leave.

Amen reached home to 4:30 and called out his old dad of 57. He bought his fishing tools with him and they headed towards the "waving sea organization" only one place for fishing and boating service in Brookfield. They hired a boat and moved along. After they reached some distance far away from beach they sailed their boat. Amen's dad made his fishing rod ready. They sunk their fishing hooks and stayed awaited. Suddenly, a bottle from nowhere appeared and there was a paper inside. Amen gently motioned it towards him. He picked it up, opened the cork, and took out paper. The paper reads "You put hook in fish head; god will hook you in your life." "How strange message" giggled old man with no surprise. "God had given us everything to fed on and why killing a fish would be a crime or sin." Amen's eye sight caught the police boat in a far distance moving towards their direction. But, he just chilled out and hung with his fishing.
Then, he felt something fishy in his hook. It was heavy for him to pull out therefore he called his dad for little help. He said "You have a good dinner tonight son." They applied great strength. In a sudden, a shirt flattened over the sea. He was shocked to see that. He felt backward and rest in horror. His father turned around and holds his own fishing rod. Amen took a slight look at the floating body. It was like a dead body rolled over. In no time, police's boat arrived. He became terrified, he was speechless. Fortunately, police's boat covered the shirt and that body he guessed.
"Is everything all right sir." queried a policeman. Now, Amen was frozen and was uttering him selves. His father turned around and replied in peace “Yes, police officer. It's just an old man with his son for fishing." Police said "Watch out sir, here may be pirates or thugs around. Be careful and do not travel far, sir" and the police boat headed towards the beach passing behind their boat. Amen gathered enough courage to turn the floating shirt to see if there was a body beneath it."Good day sir." policeman shouted from a distance. This speech squeezed the heart of Amen and he felt if he was dead for few seconds. His eyes were reflecting fear and his face was pale. He closed his eyes and moved the shirt. And then he finally turned it. "Ha, ha, ha" laughed old man. He opened his eyes and saw it was just a shirt, no human body was beneath. The shirt was old and somebody had thrown it away in the sea. The message, the police and did you know what, no fish they could go home with...

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