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Natalie Leclerc Natalie Leclerc
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Invite From An Xfriend

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She had a friend.

Yesterday in the mail I got a wedding invitation from an x-friend.
Why would she do that?
We haven't talked in awhile, why all of a sudden would you do that?
I'm not going to turn a blind eye on all that happened and show up at your wedding.
What were you thinking?
Not only inviting me but my family.
Guess where you invite went?
Yes, straight in the trash. Your picture torn up.
I know you sent it to say; "oh look I'm getting married first and your not."
Well seriously, how stupid are you?
To hell with you, what crazy person when sending out invitations to their wedding thinks;
oh I will invite some of my x-friends??
No one. I would not invite to you to my wedding, or any of my x-friends.
They are x-friends for a reason, meaning you don't want to see us, and we don't want to see you.
Why would I want to see your wedding?

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