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Peter Kayastha Peter Kayastha
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She had a friend.

It was the entire speechless half eaten moon I could see through my window pane before I got asleep. And woke up where I don’t suppose to be; school bus at 10’ with my classmates. It’s all I could remember that morning.

First, I wonder where I was, and then I was not shocked to find myself in the woods. My eye sight couldn’t caught any teachers or seniors except driver around the bus so was myself puzzled. Suddenly, the bus stopped and the driver shouted “We are here.” Then, all the students got off the bus and so do I. But my curiosity for that place hadn’t died yet. I thought why I was here in this unknown place. As I walked down through bus all I felt was heavy outlined pebbles on my foot. I bowed down; all I saw was varieties of pebbles structured to be amazing.

The whole scenario lightly reminded me that I had been that place earlier but it was just like one you make through Photoshop: crop, paste, merge, smooge, and shape the picture. I knew that whole site was blended of those original places I had visited.  My eyes were suddenly caught by my friend’s activities. They were picking pebbles and putting them in their pouches.  “pop pop” horned the driver. “Times up gotta go.” And he started the engines of bus. By no time all my friends loaded the bus and I was the last in queue.

I experienced queer under my foot and I hurried pull off my leg. And in a while, few pebbles turned into coins of different state. Then I realized pebbles were ever changed as in the movie “Spirit away”  that I had watch short time before, how the ghost trend to produce the gold from its hand.  “Wow! The coin of Elizabeth in 1990’s. There were another and another” I uttered. I wished I could carry them all and then driver shouted “are you gonna stay here or what?” I pulled some of them and placed it in my bag and caught up the bus.

After that all I could see was a narrow road between woods and I disappeared somewhere that I can’t explain its circumstances. Then I found my selves climbing a hill, rare hill actually. The green grasses with tree lashes.

I was in before and after my class friends. The bag with the coins was heavy so I left it over the tree because I couldn’t carry the load and I felt as if I was struggling for my life. So I thought that money or my any personal interest would lead me freezing behind. Beside I marched ahead. Some were tired, some got lazy enough to rest in the stones paved in the ground and I was just climbing even after miles. Then a voice from top of the hill appeared “we will be staying here for moment.”

I hurriedly rushed if I could see someone senior there. And there came across the vice principal asking the students if they were fine and were tired. He slowly motioned towards a shrine like structure rubbing his hand where two girls were approaching a chain. “Are you well, girls?” he queried. They stretched their lips a bit pretending to smile and replied “Yes, vice principle”. Since these two girls had come to school they were together and they were actually awkward. I awe where they got the chain with jewels in it, anyway I ignored.

     The flash light from back leads me to turn over. Beside the glance from the hill top reminded me of being somewhere in mid – western as we had studied that this region was famous for the hills and mountains. Then vice principal led us to a direction and after a while he just vanished as known knew where he had gone. In that case I knew not what was coming through. We walked in a deep forest ahead and were suffering starvation along. Then, far across we could lucidly see colorful tents. All ran forward to know if someone was there, but found none. We were still the lost bones in that isolated forest. We wouldn’t have any choice except to settle there. It was so strange to be there as to fill those vacant colorful tents. The sun had begun to sunken as our eyes. The sound of alarm waked me up, and it was already morning when I saw my friends aghast. I asked them if anything was wrong. They replied that only six of us; Sam, Carl, Nigel, Amen, Craig including me were left.

Other seems to fade away coz we had no idea where the hell they existed.  The surrounding landscape was indicating the black and white verse of the jungle mute enough that even whistle of air can’t be heard. Then we moved to search them at their tents but none trend to be seen. However that place was scary and dim. Finally we decided for walk. We were at the path where trees and narrow roads had mingled. And there was a junction, one raised upward and another in the plain. In a sudden, Carl ran from behind shouting “run, run” I turned my head hundred eighty degree to find the issue. I couldn’t believe my eyes to see the duplicates of us. Actually, the duplicates were chasing up. I cannot explain but my heart had beaten just as fast as newly born baby. I said “hey guys” and started to run with them.    Then two of my friends ran to the path in plain while I and others were heading upward. I took a pause from the top of way and cried “Sam, amen don’t spilt up or otherwise we will be lost. Come up.” I felt that they were also scared and hurried to save their lives therefore they flee downward and I realized to be helpless. And in a while they were gone. Where, I don’t have any idea about them.

Fortunately in a fraction of second duplicates were gone, the field was clear. Since, the accident had only left us few leaving me puzzled all along. I ain’t able to see the duplicates of mine or there wasn’t any of mine. Where these meat bones came, what do they want? These riddles would eat my head.

My sight directly dropped at the Carl sitting on the floor holding a chain, twenty two caret gold chain. “Where did you have that Carl?” I stepped my voice over Carl. He looked surprised and answered “I found it down the last stop of bus. I mean all of us got our fantasy desires. Didn’t you have anything? ” Now was the story something highlighted. I love to collect coins and I too took some sample out there, not few but too many. Due to heavy load I threw them at the hill side. It all was the pebbles that had been creating the climax. Whoever was holding the pebbles in other forms so-called fantasy desire, it could create the duplicates.

Then I told him to throw that chain. First he was bit grasping and then he threw it. And all the rest of guys did. I rushed back to tent and told them to follow me and also had instructed them that if they sees someone tell them to throw the materials that they have obtained at last bus stop. Wow all I could see in the tents were the unusual sketches on the tent’s covers. I had no option except to return back to my friends on the other hand they were gone, where I didn’t knew. They were all duplicates nothing in this place was real for me anymore. I had no friends left whether they were fake or real or even copy or fake. This world was full of duplicates I couldn’t understand.  I thought I could use the path which may lead me out of the woods. So I walk along the path which was vivid and was lost again…

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