Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
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6th paragraph, "She was going to have TO pull some more money...."

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god i am playing the violin here

Ahmed Alireza Ahmed Alireza
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sure brandon desrves it for he did go a long way to get laid....

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...she would be (way) from him. (away)?

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Thank you Jim. I've fixed it now.

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Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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Kiss Me Again...

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

Kelly had been sleeping quite peacefully when all of a sudden a scary face obscured her vision. She had been driving up the road in her old beat up Volkswagen Beatle she bought recently from her meager earnings at the local drug store when Scott appeared in the middle of the road. As she drove nearer to him, she was struck by the grotesque features of his face. His eye hung out of its socket and down his right cheek. He was smiling at her.  She had impulsively hit the gas out of fear and now found herself connecting with Scott’s body, plastering him against her windshield. He still had that same smile. She woke up sweaty and breathless. Her heart was pounding as she recalled the events of recent past.

Scott was her dad’s former best friend and had not been in the picture for almost two years. Why was she dreaming about him now? She sat up in bed and pulled back her hair in a makeshift ponytail with her hands as she pondered the meaning behind the bizarre and scary dream. She hadn’t seen him since his accident. She knew that he had lost his eye and suffered some pretty serious mobility issues but why was he on her mind again? Perhaps it was the pending separation between her and Brandon. Kelly was about to begin her senior year in high school and Brandon was leaving town to seek an Engineering degree. They had been all but inseparable these past two years.

Kelly marvelled at all the events that had taken place up till now. Her best friend Tracey had been going steady with her guy, Michael for almost as long as she and Brandon.  Michael had plans to attend school this year alongside Tracey and Kelly and Tracey was ecstatic about it. Kelly was happy too but she was also feeling a lot of anxiety about Brandon’s coming departure. She was worried about how it would affect their relationship.

She climbed out of bed and fixed the sheets and propped up her pillows. There was only two weeks before summer ended and she would head back to school but Brandon was leaving in less than a week and she wanted to make the best of these next few days. She arranged to have the time off from work so that she could spend every waking moment with Brandon.
Kelly had grown another two full inches this past year and was finding it difficult to find a pair of jeans in her closet that weren’t too short. She was going to have pull some more money out of her savings and spring for new ones before school starts, she thought.
She pulled a cute pair of blue capris from the closet and a matching crop top and a cute pair of leather sandals with matching blue bead work. She laid the clothes on the bed and went to the washroom to wash up and get ready for a day of shopping with Brandon. 1 comment


Brandon had been very protective of Kelly and very respectful of her younger age. He wanted to take things slowly for both of their sakes. He loved Kelly but he wasn’t sure how their relationship would hold up with a long separation.  He hoped that the bond would remain just as strong even if they were apart for a while.

Brandon now stood to a full 6’1” tall and his shoulders had filled out quite nicely. He was definitely tall, dark and handsome. He was still the studious guy he had always been but it seems that Kelly had infused quite a bit of confidence into him. He was considered by all the local girls to be “quite a catch” and he enjoyed the flirtations of many. He was looking forward to a change of scenery and breaking free from the small town they called home. He wanted to explore new places and see what else the world had to offer.  It was his dream to build his own fantastic house one day. He wanted every room to have a purpose and he wanted his house to operate independent of utilities. He wanted his own “off the grid” system. He would have a system that combined both solar and geo-thermal technologies and he would explore other avenues for getting the most out of natural resources. That was his plan anyways. He only had a few days left before he would begin his new adventure but his last bit of time in town would be spent with Kelly.

Kelly is his best friend in the world and he loves her dearly. He wrestled with the idea of making a commitment to her now before leaving for college. He would be more focused on school if he didn’t have outside distractions as well. The two have big dreams to realize. Plans of marriage and children down the road but they have a lot to get through before all of that. He bought her a promise ring and planned to give it to her before he left for school.  He planned to take her to a quiet clearing in the forest that he had discovered one day while on a run.  He would take her out for an afternoon stroll to the clearing where he would have everything in place waiting for them. Kelly loved surprises and he loved doing it for her.

Brandon’s mother, Sandra had recently bought a new car and she had surprised Brandon with her old one for school. He was pretty excited to have his own wheels. His mother’s car wasn’t in the best of shape but it was better than nothing and it would certainly get him from point A to point B and besides he didn’t need anything fancy. He had no plans for dating or parties while he was away. He wanted to get through school with top marks to land himself the best possible job in one of the best architectural firms. He was all business.

He had a kind face and rugged outdoorsy look to him. He was tanned with brown hair and the bluest eyes around. You could see the intelligence in his eyes and a wisdom that belied his age. He was only 18 but he could easily pass for someone in his mid-twenties. He had a carefree look about him and was most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. He had a strong jawline and his hair had a slight wave the hung down just above his eyes. He often jerked his head to throw the hair back from his eyes. The girls loved to watch him. He had been working at the local lumber yard for a while now and his body was becoming more defined and chiseled. Kelly loved the way he was filling out as she often reminded him. He always blushed when she told him. Kelly loved to watch other girls at the beach drool over him.
Brandon had a few errands to run before he would pick up Kelly. He wanted the day to be perfect. It was going to be a beautiful hot, sunny day and he wanted to take full advantage of it. He stopped at the florist first, picking out a bunch of wild flowers and added a couple of beautiful white orchids to the mix. The store attendant wrapped the flowers for him in a plain white box with a bright yellow ribbon. He paid the girl and deposited the flowers in the trunk. Next he went to the local bakery to pick up the chocolate croissants and chocolate dipped strawberries that he had ordered and placed them in the cooler. His mother had already prepared some veggies and dip and cheese and crackers for Brandon and Kelly to nibble on for his surprise picnic and he had purchased a bottle of champagne for the special occasion. Kelly is only 17 but it’s going to be a special day and it’s just a sip. He also packed bottled water for their stroll through the forest.

He then drove to the edge of the forest and parked the car. He carried the cooler and the flowers and threw the picnic blanket over his shoulder and walked to the clearing. He laid the blanket out in a shady spot under a beautiful red oak tree. He smile to himself as he thought about the day and then retreated back to the car to go and pick up Kelly.

When he arrived at the Clark house, Kelly was already waiting for him. She looked gorgeous as usual. Her long blonde hair framed beautiful big blue-green eyes. Her lashes looked twice as long when she made herself up. She had curled her hair and it hung in flowing waves around her face. He could see her tummy peeking out just above the waistline of her pants and he could just see a hint of her naval. He found her to be very alluring today. He was looking forward to a fun afternoon.

He waved from the car at Kelly’s dad, Wayne who was mowing the lawn. He heard Kelly say goodbye to her mom and watched her as she approached the passenger side of the car and got in. She smelled so fresh like freshly picked roses. She leaned over to him and planted a kiss on his lips and then sat back and smiled. “I hope you don’t mind, but I have to go to the mall and pick out some new jeans. Mine are all too short and I need some new ones for school.” Kelly said

“Okay sure and then I have a surprise for you.” He smiled waiting for the questions that he knew would come.

“What it is it?” she pried

“Nope, I’m not going to tell you. You’ll just have to wait and see but I think you’ll like it.” He teased

“Alright. I can’t wait!”

They drove to the mall and Kelly wasted no time picking out three pairs of the same jeans. She chose one pair in black denim, one pair in faded denim and one pair in dark blue. She liked the way they fit and they were on sale. They would get her through first semester anyways. She paid for the jeans and they made their way back to the car. “I’m starving!” she said.

“Well that’s okay, I’ve got you covered.” Brandon said with a smile.

He drove them to the edge of the forest and parked the car. He grabbed a couple of water bottles from the trunk and grabbed her hand and they started walking.

“So where are you taking me Brandon?”

He only smiled back at her as he led her deeper into the woods. It was beautiful. They walked along a sandy path lined with tall trees of varying types. She could hear the birds chirping and bugs buzzing and the sun shone down through the openings. A light breeze was blowing the trees ever so slightly and the sunlight and shadows danced across the forest floor. It was nice to be alone with Brandon like this holding hands and just enjoying each other’s company. They walked for a few minutes and then they hit the clearing and Kelly spotted the picnic blanket and ran to lay down. It was a lovely spot and she now felt warmth of the sun around them.

The shade of the tree kept the sunlight from their eyes. Brandon sat down beside her and handed her the box with the bright yellow ribbon and she opened it to find a beautiful bunch of wild flowers and she bent down to take in their scent and then she set them aside and reached out to Brandon and pulled him to her. She kissed him and pulled him down to lay beside her. “Thank you Brandon! I love you. What am I going to do without you?” A single tear slid down her cheek as he reached out to stop it with his hand. 1 comment

“I’ll call you every day. We’ll get through it and before you know it we’ll be back together again.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small white box and opened it. “I promise to stay true to you and to love only you. I want you to wear this ring as my promise to you and I want you to promise me the same.”

The ring was a simple gold band with a single diamond. “Will you wear it for me?”

Kelly was crying now openly as she put out her hand and he placed the ring on her finger. “Yes I will. I’m going to miss you so much!”

Brandon kissed her now with a passion he hadn’t quite felt before. There was a sense of urgency to it and he found himself wanting to explore her now. He allowed his hand to slide under her top and he felt the smoothness of her skin. Her hand connected with his and she urged him to continue. He reached up to feel the edge of her bra and traced it around to the back of her bra and released the clasp and then brought his hand back to cup her breast as he kissed her again. They were both breathing heavily now and he paused to lift her top and bra from her body. He studied her eyes, her lips, her neck and shoulders and now her breasts. She was so perfect to him. Her eyes were begging for him to continue and reached down to kiss her again and then he put his lips to her breast and her nipples responded to him immediately. They had waited two years for this and now it was here. 1 comment

Brandon was ready for this next step but he fought with himself, not knowing if he should continue. He wanted to. He wanted nothing more than this but would it be fair to them? He knew that if he went ahead that he would want more and she would be away from him. Kelly reached for him now as she sat up and removed his t-shirt. She kissed him again now with their naked bodies now touching. There was no stopping. They both wanted it too much. They each reached for each other’s pant zippers and removed their pants and shoes leaving Brandon standing in only his boxers and Kelly in her white bikini panties. 2 comments

They both studied each other’s bodies and tentatively explored one another. They kissed, they touched and they cuddled and they held each other as they lay on the blanket. There was nothing more required at the moment. They both decided that they could wait a little longer. They laid in each other’s arms for a long time and then hunger took over and they both dressed and sat to enjoy their picnic lunch.  

Brandon poured them each a glass of champagne and placed the box of strawberries and chocolate croissants and cheese and veggies before them as they nibbled and kissed and drank and laughed and enjoyed the moment. They had passed a major milestone in their relationship and they were both willing to commit and wait for each other. There was a new maturity to them now. They had both resolved to spend their lives together.

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