Taylor Lanson Taylor Lanson
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Or rather one's heaven turned to hell.

Taylor Lanson Taylor Lanson
Recommendations: 13

Buy does this hurt reading.

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Paul Day Paul Day
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I Know a Man in Pain

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soul mates

Please note. Although this is personal, it in no way reflects this site, or anyone on it. There is real hurt here, but it is not aimed at anyone in particular, nor at anyone I know and love.

I know a man in pain,
You all know him as well.
He fell from the grace of Heaven,
To find himself in hell. 1 comment

His truth burns in his pages,
Hanging tortured from a pen.
But he graces with his presence still,
Every now and then.

He has written a million words,
Poured forth as if on fire.
He uttered seamless genius,
Written with passion and desire. 1 comment

You promised him you’d follow,
Wherever this soul went.
But in the end your words are hollow,
Worthless, untrustworthy and bent. 1 comment

He craved for your affection,
And to show he was a friend.
He delighted you with verses,
Written hard upon his sacred pen. 1 comment

And how do you reward him,
For the efforts in his verse?
You forgot your proud declaration,
And for that you all are cursed.

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