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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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Never Closer

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soul mates

I was scared of him at first, a tall, handsome being.
What would he ever see in me?
Then I fell, fell hard and he caught me.
He saved me from a painful fall.

I looked him in the eyes, and oh! They were beautiful!
Glistening a gorgeous blue and grey colour,
Although they didn't match his brown hair.
I was never closer to anyone.

His lips were softer than I had previously thought, like a baby's.
He ran his fingers through my curls as he kissed me.
I yelped in pain as he caught a tangle,
And he said he was sorry and kissed me again.

He wrapped his arms tightly round my waist,
And I clasped my hands round his own.
I've never been closer, not ever,
Not in all my fifteen years of life.

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