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Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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Kiss Me Again... (Part Two)

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.


Kelly awoke with the realization that Brandon was leaving for school tomorrow. She was in a panic wondering how she would manage without him at her beck and call. He was everything to her and now he was leaving for at least two years. Sure, she would see him on weekends and holidays but it wouldn't be the same.  She would tag along with Brandon in the morning while his mother, Sandra follows. These would be her last few hours with Brandon. Her and Sandra would ride back home together. Kelly’s biggest worry was that Brandon would find someone new while he was away.

As she prepared for her final day with Brandon, she felt her anxiety growing. There was so much that she wished she could change. She wishes she too were finished high school so that she could tag along with him. Maybe next year they could be together. She found herself considering what she might like to do with her life. What occupation would she choose? She was still undecided. Her head was full of questions and concerns and worry. She told herself to calm down. Her and Brandon’s relationship was solid. Nothing to worry about. She set her mind to wardrobe. What to wear? Hmm. She selected a little skirt and a casual printed tee and a pair of white tennis shoes. She put her hair up in a loose knot with strands of hair hanging loosely around her face. She really was quite beautiful with those bright blue-green eyes and golden skin tone.

She decided to write a special note to Brandon to keep with him in his absence to remind him of her. She wanted to take every opportunity to remind him of their special bond. Just in case!

When you read this letter, you will have already found yourself on a new adventure. A new school, a new apartment, new friends and a new learning path. I hope that you will think of me often. Please don’t forget that I am here eagerly awaiting your return to me. I miss you already and at the time of this writing, you haven’t yet gone but my heart knows that your mind is set for the future. I hope that I will inhabit a small part of your thoughts. Know that my mind will be holding on to our precious moments together. I will be working hard to get us closer together.

My mind is not yet made up as to what path my education will lead me. I’m so conflicted with what I want to do for my career. Maybe I would just rather be a wife and mom and forever be by your side. Please call me often and send me a text message every day! I love you Brandon.

You are in my heart forever.


She folded the note and placed it in her purse. She would drop by the drug store later and pick out a cute card. They planned to have dinner tonight with Tracey and Michael at the local pizza joint. It would be a fun night out with friends.  Tracey and she hadn’t talked to each other all week and she found herself wondering how Tracey was. She picked up her phone and dialed the number.

“Hello?” Tracey answered on the second ring.

“Hey Trace, it’s me Kel. Are we still on for pizza tonight with the guys?”

“You bet. So how are you doing? Everything ok?” Tracey probed.

“Yeah well, you know. I’m feeling a little depressed. Tomorrow is the big day and then he’ll be gone. I’m really going to miss him a lot!” said Kelly

“I know Kelly, but before you know it, you two will be getting married and having kids and Brandon will have a great job! Right?” Tracey encouraged.

“I guess. I hope he doesn’t find someone else while he is away from me.” Kelly whined.
“Get a hold of yourself girl. Brandon loves you!”

“Yeah I know, it’s just that we’ll be so far apart. I’ll see you tonight then?” said Kelly
“Sure. Cheer up Kelly. Everything will be just fine. He will probably miss you more than you miss him! The guy is crazy about you.” Said Tracey

“Thanks Tracey; you’re the best! See you tonight then. Bye” Kelly hung up the phone feeling slightly better than she had before.

She knew Brandon had plans to stay close to home today to finalize all of his preparations and he wanted to spend some quality time with his mom as well. She would go over and be with them both for the day but first she had some errands to run.

She went downstairs to the kitchen where Laura was busy in the kitchen creating something fantastic as usual. Her mom was a fantastic cook and always prepared for drop in visitors.
“Hi mom. Is there any tea made?” asked Kelly

“No, but I’ll put on the kettle and we can have a cup together if you like?” said Laura
“Sure. Do you have any plans today mom?”

“No. Your father and I are just going to hang out here and relax. What about you?” asked Laura

“Oh, well I just have to go to the drug store and pick out a card for Brandon and then I’m going over to his house for the afternoon. Tonight we’re going to meet up with Trace and Michael for pizza and that’s about it.” Kelly answered feeling a little sad.

Laura poured the tea and sat at the table across from Kelly bringing a cup for each of them. “I have some fresh cinnamon scones coming out of the oven in about two minutes. A perfect accompaniment to our tea.”

Just then, Kelly’s dad Wayne appeared and said, “Hey what about me? What am I; chopped liver?”

Laura smiled, “Sit down you whiner and I’ll get you a cup of tea too.”
He sat down with a smile. Laura poured another cup of tea for Wayne and pulled the hot scones from the pan and placed them on a plate.

Kelly reached for one and took a bite, “You sure know how to make a person feel better mom. They are delicious!”

“Don’t look so worried Kelly. Brandon will see you on the weekends. It’s a new adventure for both of you and it’s a great way to test the strength of your relationship even if you don’t want to be tested. It’s for the best. If you are meant to be together, then you will be.” Said Laura

“I guess so. Well thanks for the tea and the scone. I’m going to head over to the drug store and then to Brandon’s. Don’t forget, I have plans for dinner so I wouldn’t expect me to be home before 10PM okay?”

“Okay dear. Luv you!” said Laura

“By hon.” Said Wayne 1 comment

“Bye guys. See you tonight!” said Kelly.

Kelly wasn’t convinced that all was for the best. She liked things the way they were and as much as she didn’t like it, she would just have to get over herself and deal with it. She grabbed her purse and keys and hopped in her car and headed to the drug store.

She entered the store and was immediately greeted by customers and co-workers who were all happy to see her. The customers loved Kelly’s bubbly personality and willingness to help; especially the older ones who often needed help finding various products in the store.  She headed to the card section and began her search for the perfect card. She became quickly frustrated when nothing seemed to satisfy her. She eventually settled on a very simplistic card that simply said, “I already miss you” and then she found a hard plastic card called a “Forget Me Not” that Brandon could place in his wallet. There was a small picture holder in the centre of the card for her picture and soft daisy petals floated from a blue sky around the spot for the image. She thought it would serve as a perfect reminder to him that she was his one and only.

She paid for her items and headed for Brandon’s house. She pulled into the driveway of the little house that she had been to so many times. She parked the car and headed to the back of the house and entered the house through the kitchen.

“Hello, anybody here?” she called.

“Hi Kelly, come on in. We’re just in Brandon’s room getting all of his things together for tomorrow.” Said Sandra.

Kelly noted that Sandra looked just as sad as she and approached her to give her a quick hug. “I’m going to miss him too” she offered.

A tear fell silently from her cheek as she hugged Kelly back. Her son had been her only real companion for years now and he was heading off to a future without her. They both walked in to Brandon’s room with fresh tears in their eyes. When Brandon looked up at them both he started laughing hysterically.

“What is wrong with you two, I haven’t died you know. I’m just going away to school! You two are a pair.”

They all started laughing and the mood changed from gloomy to happy in an instant. They all began packing up Brandon’s stuff and enjoyed the afternoon together.  They loaded up Brandon’s car and went back into the house to relax until it was time for Brandon and Kelly to go for dinner. Kelly was starting to feel bad about leaving Sandra out and so she was quick to invite her to come along.

“Thanks, Kelly but I’m fine. I’ll just relax here tonight. We’ve got a six hour drive tomorrow roundtrip so I would just as soon stay home and watch some tv if you don’t mind.” Said Sandra

“Okay. I just didn’t want you to feel left out. Are you sure?” Kelly confirmed.
“Absolutely. You two have fun.” Sandra was still feeling sad and needed to be alone with her thoughts for a while.


Kelly and Brandon entered the small restaurant and searched out their friends. “There they are in the back corner.” Kelly waved to Tracey and Michael to catch their attention and headed in their direction. Hugs and handshakes all around. “Hey guys; Have you been waiting long?” Kelly asked.

“Nope, just got here about two minutes before you” said Tracey.

There was an interesting dynamic at the table. Tracey was clearly happy, Michael was kind of chill, Brandon was preoccupied with everything he still needed to do and Kelly was feeling completely alone. Four people and four completely different perspectives.

All of sudden, Tracey squealed, noticing the ring on Kelly’s hand. She reached out and grabbed Kelly’s hand to take a closer look.

“You scared me!” Kelly laughed.  It was a good ice breaker and immediately attention turned to the ring as Kelly explained the romantic day Brandon had prepared for her.  Tracey gave a quick thumbs up to Brandon and look to Michael that said, Hey Michael, you could learn a thing or two from this guy.

The mood felt lighter now. The waitress approached the table and they placed their order for a large pizza and a jug of soda.

They carried on idle chit chat through pizza bites. They laughed and reminisced about all the good times they had shared and they teased Brandon about what he would be missing. The evening ended and they parted company. Brandon and Kelly took a drive down to the beach for one last romantic interlude together.

It was a lovely evening and the sound of the waves crashing on the beach gave the evening a heavy and dramatic feel. Brandon took Kelly’s hand and they quietly walked along the beach in quiet thought. The air was still quite warm and so they sat on a bench that faced the water.  Kelly stood up and faced Brandon while he sat on the bench looking up at her and he noticed how the glow of the moon shimmered on the water and made her hair sparkle. She looked like an angel to him. She placed a knee on the bench beside him and leaned forward to kiss him and then lifted the other knee to straddle him on the bench and she clung to him not wanting to let him go.

He was immediately aroused by her abrupt approach and found himself unable to control his urges. He allowed his hands to caress her back, her waist, her hips and he reached up to feel her breasts. He stood now with her round bottom cradled by his hands while they kissed. He set her down and they lay on the beach allowing themselves to explore one another.  It was dark and only the moonlight gave them the ability to see.

They were both full of passion and desire that could not be stopped and although they both remained somewhat clothed they unleashed the passion they had for each other and then with a brief pause, Brandon looked into Kelly’s eyes for approval which she gave him without question; slowly he entered her. He watched her face grimace only for a second and then he took her to a place she had never been; a place she had never known could exist like this. It was pain and pleasure and love and lust and she gave herself to him completely. Brandon’s energy now spent, he lay on top of her with his full weight and caressed her hair and kissed her lips. He looked at her face and he could see tears in her eyes that sparkled like diamonds from the moon light.

“I love you Kelly!”

“I love you too” she cried.

Brandon glanced down at his watch and was shocked to find that it was almost 1 AM!  “ We've got to go Kelly; It’s already 1 O’clock."

They both gathered their things and ran back to the car laughing.  Kelly drove Brandon home and raced back to her house and quietly entered through the front door. She locked it and crept upstairs to her room with a smile on her face and she crawled in her bed feeling incredibly happy.

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