Liz Franco Liz Franco
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Liz Franco Liz Franco
Recommendations: 3

Tigerborn (Chapter 1)

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Sorry I won't be continuing the Devil's Flame. I will keep doing this new one though. Please tell me what you think.

       The smell of blood woke me from my sleep. Not just any blood, the blood of a human. I stood looking out into the forest. My black hair is curly waves down my back. My bright gold eyes looked out into the night with nocturnal vision. I sniffed again, confused. Why would a human be this close to my clan? I shifted forms, my human self to my tiger self. My black body blended with the night. To my right, Andy, my wing tiger lifted her sleepy head. Her human face had a ring of black under her eyes. Seeing me in my black tiger form, she quickly shifted forms. Soon a Bengal tiger stood by me.
       What’s going on, Colette? Her green eyes held a worried expression.
       Smell the air and then you’ll know. I sprinted between the tall pine trees with ease. When I got close to the place where the smell was coming from, I heard a scream. One of a man’s, no, a boy’s. It was full of agony and pain. Andy had caught up with me, her eyes wide.
       What are we going to do? Her voice in my mind sounded scared. I could smell it emanating off her in huge waves. Her brother was killed by a human. He was caught in a trap in his tiger form. They skined him and used his hide as a rug. The memory caused me to growl.
       Let’s go see what the fuss is about. I padded into a clearing where a mountain lion had its jaws clamped on an arm, the boy’s arm. I don’t know what happened next, but I found myself leaping onto the lion, tearing it away from the boy. It yowled in protest as I pulled it away from its meal. I trapped it to the ground and snarled in its face. You can’t have him! He’s mine. Mine? What was I saying! The lion bolted away from me while I was distracted. Why did I say that the boy was mine? I didn’t even know him. I cast a glance at him, his arm was bleeding heavily. He gasped and his eye met mine. Gold to Blue. He was about my age, brown hair matted with blood. Must have hit a rock or stone. I turned to Andy who was staring at me in disbelief.
       Why did you save him? Why? I was asking myself the same question but I just snarled.
       Go back to camp Andy. That’s an order. Her body trembled as she tried to disobey my orders. I was the dominate female in my clan so my words were law. I narrowed my eyes. Now. She turned and ran back into the forest. I sighed and before I knew what I was doing, shifted forms. The boy gasped as the powerful black tiger who had just saved him was no longer an animal. Now a girl with golden eyes and a soft face stood before him. He was handsome for a boy of 17, tall, fit. I bent toward him and spoke.        
       “Please, don’t be afraid.” My voice had always sounded too soft for my hard tough attitude. But it seemed to make him relax more.
       “What are you?” he rasped. His blue eyes looked me up and down as if he were looking for the tiger part of me.
        “I will answer your questions when you are healed. Please, let me help you.” I bent down and helped him up with one hand. When I started walking, he stopped me.
       “Answer me! I won’t go into the woods with some girl I just thought was a tiger.” I sighed. Fine, he wants me to help him the hard way. I slammed my fist into the side of his head. He knocked unconscious instantly. His body weight made me sag, I lifted him over my back and walked to my camp. 1 comment


        As soon as I got to camp everyone surrounded me. I ignored them and walked to the infirmary.  The walls were white and a light blue. None of the cots were occupied so I set the boy down on the closest one. I turned around and saw that half of my clan had piled into the infirmary with me. I bristled, “If you all want to keep your heads from being bitten off, then I suggest that you leave.” I spit the words out with as much venom I could muster. All but Evan left in a hurry. “Leave Evan. I’ll tell you about it later.” He held his ground. “Evan-.”
       “Why did you bring a human here?” All Tigerborns knew that bringing a human back is forbidden. So why did I bring him here? Maybe it’s because you like him. Maybe you don’t want to be Evan’s mate. Oh, right, I was supposed to become Evan’s mate. I never liked Evan. He was cruel, murderous, and vicious. He cared and loved no one. But we were the strongest in our clan. We “match” as people say. But I hate him, always have always will. So I growled,
       “It’s none of your business. Now leave.” He crossed the room in two steps and slapped me so hard that I saw black at the edge of my vision. I held my cheek, shocked.
       “How dare you talk to me with such disrespect!” His voice was loud and stung like ice. “I am a male.” He grabbed me and shoved his lips to mine. I was thankful when he pulled away but his face was still close to mine. “I own you.” I wanted to punch him, but he was right. I was a female, even though I was ranked the same as him; I had no power against him. I saw Evan’s eyes look behind me and I turned as well. Bright blue eyes looked back into mine.

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