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Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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Kiss Me Again... (Chapter Three)

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.


“Kelly! Are you up? Brandon’s on the phone” called Laura from the kitchen.

Kelly rubbed her eyes and rolled over and looked at the clock. “10:30! OMG. Mom, can you tell him I slept in!  I’ll be over there as quick as I can” Kelly yelled back as she stumbled around her room trying to wake up and get organized.

“He wants to talk to you Kelly. Can you pick up your phone in your room please?” said Laura.
Kelly reached for the phone, “Brandon hello?”
“Good Morning sleepy head. You slept in I guess? Did someone keep you up too late last night?” he teased.
“Yes, but it was worth it!” she teased back.  “Can you give me 30 minutes or so?”
“Sure. Can’t wait to see you! Bye” Brandon hung up the phone.
“She slept in mom. She said she would be here in a half hour or so.” Brandon told his mother
“You guys shouldn’t have stayed out so late! You knew there was a long drive today!” Sandra scolded
“Yeah I know but we lost track of the time” but I had fun, Brandon thought to himself.


Kelly raced down the stairs and was about to run out the front door when her mother approached, “Kelly just what time did you get home last night?”

“Uh, it was late. We sort of lost track of time. We went for a walk on the beach and time just slipped by” Kelly replied, “but I’m really late Mom; I’ve got to go okay?”

“Okay. Have a safe drive. What time do you think you will be home tonight?” asked Laura

“I’m not sure what Sandra has planned. I imagine we’ll probably stick around with Brandon for a couple of hours to help him unload his car. Maybe 8 or 9 PM? If we are going to be later, I’ll give you a call and I’ll have my cell phone if you want call me. Love you Mom!” Kelly kissed her mom on the cheek and ran out the door.

When Kelly arrived, Brandon and Sandra were already in their respective vehicles waiting for her. Kelly parked her car in the driveway and jumped in the front seat next to Brandon and flashed him an apologetic smile. “It’s your fault for tiring me out” she teased.

“Well if you hadn’t attacked me, we would have been home on time” he teased back.

Despite it being their last few hours together, the mood was light and they were enjoying their new discovery of one another. They had both learned something about the other they had never known before. They felt more a couple than ever before and there seemed to be a more relaxed ease between them.

Brandon looked at Kelly with new eyes of appreciation. She had hidden this side of her all of this time and he was pleased and excited about this new aspect of their relationship. Now he just had to figure out a way to manage school and find a way to get back to her at every opportunity.

Kelly wished she could just begin her life with Brandon right now and just stay with him. She knew it was impossible but she couldn’t help how he made her feel. She wanted more of what she had experienced last night. Brandon had made her feel so alive and so sexy. She just wanted to be in his arms again making love again.

The drive was easy and the day was bright and full of sunshine. Traffic was fairly light and it made for enjoyable journey.  They listened to music and sang along with all of their favorite tunes. They held hands and enjoyed every moment.

Brandon pulled off the hi-way halfway along their journey and Sandra followed in her car behind them.  There was a cute little diner attached to the gas station and so they decided to stay for a late breakfast.

Kelly was starving, having left the house without anything in her stomach. When they walked inside they were surprised at the beautiful breakfast buffet that was available. It was a full breakfast buffet with bacon, sausage, ham, scrambled eggs, home fried potatoes, cereal (hot and cold) and fresh fruit, assorted breads, pastries and a selection of juices and all for $8.00 each.

They were escorted to the table and then they immediately headed to the buffet. They each probably took a little more than they normally would eat but this would serve as breakfast and lunch so they filled their plates. Everything looked and smelled delicious.

“Well that was a fantastic breakfast” said Kelly.

“Yeah, delicious!” said Brandon

“Yes, I’m surprised that we were able to find such a cute little place right off the highway. I think it will be a regular stop from now on.” Said Sandra “My treat guys”
“Thank you Sandra”, replied Kelly

“Thanks Mom! You’re the best” said Brandon.

Sandra settled the bill and then they headed to the washrooms and filled the tanks for the rest of their journey.

“Would you like me to ride with you Sandra for the second half of the journey? Asked Kelly

“No, No, you go ahead and spend as much time as you can with Brandon. We’ll be driving together all the way home” said Sandra.

“Okay thank you” Kelly answered as she got back in the car with Brandon.

“Wow I’m stuffed. I think I need a nap!” said Kelly.

“Go ahead and get some sleep. You may need to drive on the way back to give my mom a rest” said Brandon.

Kelly closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep with the music playing and the sound of Brandon’s voice singing along. The warmth of the sun fell on her like a blanket.  Her dream brought her back to the beach with Brandon. She moaned softly as the memory replayed in her dream. Brandon enjoyed watching her dream and fought to keep his eyes on the road. He wanted to take her in his arms again and hold her. It wouldn’t be too long now and he would be left alone to face his new world in a small room with a stranger.

Brandon wasn’t looking forward to the lack of space or privacy. It was going to be a tough go for the first little while getting used to new surroundings and a new schedule. He already missed home and his mood changed now to a more somber one.  He slowed as he approached the campus and looked for the building marked “Administration” and parked the car.  As the car stopped, Kelly awoke surprised to find that they had already arrived.

“Wow, we’re here already?” Kelly asked

“Yep. Stay here; I’m just going to go in and ask where I am supposed to go and find out where I should park my car before unloading.” Said Brandon

Sandra parked a few cars over and exited the car and walked over. “Is this where you have to go, Brandon?”

“I’m not sure. I’m just going to go in and check. I’ll be right back.” He said

Kelly got out of the car and stretched and waited with Sandra. The realization hit them both at almost the same moment. “I guess this is it” Kelly said, choking back tears.

Sandra reached out and gave Kelly a quick hug. “I’m going to miss him too. Maybe you’ll just have to move in with me!” Sandra laughed and cried all at once. “I’m really going to miss him too.”

Just then Brandon came back to the car and pointed in the direction that they needed to go. “Follow me Mom. We have to go a couple of lots over and I’m in building “D”.

They hopped back in their cars and moved to the new lot and parked. They all walked together into the building marked “D”. Brandon would be located on the second floor in room 205. They took to the stairs and reached the 2nd floor. Luckily, 205 is located just a couple of doors from the stairwell. The building has no elevators.

They enter room 205. The room is almost non-descript. It is clean with white walls. Two small closets are to the left of the entry; on the right is a small three piece bath with tub, toilet and sink. Beyond a small hallway is a larger open space divided by a small half wall partition which divided the sleeping areas in half.  Nearest the hallway, to the left is a small kitchenette and to the right are two small desks with lamps and office chairs. Above each desk is as set of book shelves. The beds are twin beds and small side tables meet the half wall on each side of the room. The half wall is the only sign of privacy and perhaps will prove to be a bit of a sound barrier for night time snoring.

Brandon hopes his roommate will be a decent fellow who is not too loud and obnoxious. There is no sign of this fellow just yet.

“Well at least it’s clean” replied Brandon with little enthusiasm.

“Okay let’s start bringing up your stuff” said Sandra

They all went back down to the car and started bringing up all of Brandon’s gear. He had one suitcase of clothing and another filled with supplies as well as a small fridge and his laptop computer, a cell phone and his pillow and bedding.

Brandon placed the small fridge to the right hand side of his bed. He chose the bed on the right closest to the desk space and left the 2nd bed nearest the kitchenette for his roommate. He chose the closet furthest from the entry door. Inside the small walk-in closet, he found a chest of drawers. The closet was surrounded by one long upper shelf that wrapped around the small space. He emptied the suitcase of his clothing and placed them in the drawers and placed the empty case on the upper shelf. The second suitcase was filled with toiletries and various snacks which he placed on top of the chest of drawers and placed the 2nd empty case on the upper shelf.  Sandra and Kelly made up Brandon’s bed and Kelly placed the card she bought for Brandon on his night table for him to read later.  Brandon placed his laptop computer in a locked briefcase and stowed it under his bed.

“I need to buy some pop and water and maybe some deli meats for sandwiches. There must be a Walmart or something close by and maybe we can get a bite to eat before you guys leave?”
said Brandon hoping for their company for a little while longer.

“Sounds good to me!” said Kelly and Sandra agreed.

Just as they were about to leave, in walks a tall guy with long black curly hair and glasses. He’s wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. He is startled to find the three of them in the room. “Oh, hi there, I’m Jason Denning; I guess we’re going to be roommates?” he said with hand extended.

Brandon reached forward to grab his hand and replied, “Yes, I guess so. I’m Brandon and this is my girlfriend Kelly and my mom, Sandra! It’s nice to meet you. We’re just heading over to pick up some supplies and then we plan to grab a bite. You wanna join us?”

“Ah, um, sure, I mean I guess if it’s no trouble? Do you mind if I tag along ladies?” said Jason.

“No not at all” Kelly and Sandra both replied.

“I’ll help you with your stuff when we get back”, Brandon promised. “You can ride with me and my mom and Kelly can follow.”

They all agreed and headed out the door.

Jason seemed like a pretty good guy. He seemed quiet and glad for their company. Brandon picked up a few supplies and Jason seemed to be fully stocked already as he made no attempts to pick anything up for himself.

They found a small pub style restaurant in the same plaza and went in to grab a bite. They ate, they laughed and Kelly was relieved that Jason seemed to be a quiet fellow that Brandon would get along with. It put her mind at ease. She was happy that he wasn’t the loud partying, womanizing guy that she had imagined Brandon would be paired up with. Sandra was happy with the pairing as well.

It was getting late and it was time for Kelly and Sandra to hit the road and start for home. They left the restaurant and said their goodbyes in the parking lot. Brandon hugged his mother and told her to be good and then he hugged Kelly and gave her a quick kiss and whispered in her ear that he loved her and wished them a safe journey home.

Kelly and Sandra waved goodbye to Jason and wished him well and they both got in the car and drove away. Kelly was full of emotion with a lump in her throat. She wished she could have had some time alone with Brandon but it was not to be. It was going to be hard not having Brandon just around the corner anymore.  She hoped that Brandon and Jason would get along okay together.

Sandra was lost in her own world of misery as well but focused on the long drive home.  An hour passed before either of them spoke.

“It was a good day.” Said Sandra.

“Yes, it was but it was a little too short is all.” Said Kelly, still stewing about her lack of time with Brandon. All she had wanted was a little more time, more privacy, move intimacy.

“Well I guess you’ll be getting ready for school now too! You only have a week left right?” asked Sandra.

“Yeah but I’m pretty much ready to go. I’m going to be working all week at the drug store. I plan to keep as busy as possible so I don’t have much free time on my hands to miss Brandon.” Kelly replied.

“I hope you come and visit me. I’m going to be awfully lonely too. Maybe you can come over for dinner one night this week. What do you think?” Sandra asked.

“Sure. That’s a possibility. I’ll just need to confirm my schedule.”

“Okay, great!” said Sandra.


As promised, Brandon helped Jason with his belongings. Jason didn’t bring much with him at all. Just one duffle bag full of clothes and a pillow and bed cover. He seemed to have no toiletries, and no food but he did have a cell phone, a laptop computer and a radio alarm clock. Brandon settled into his half of the room and sat down on the bed when he noticed the card from Kelly. Her letter made him smile and he missed her already. He loved the little hard plastic forget me not with her picture and he placed it up against the wall on the little nightstand.  He reached for his cell phone and texted her a quick message.

“luv you. Miss you a bunch. Be good!”

A smile fell across Kelly’s lips as she heard the familiar “bleep” of her phone alerting her to the text message. She read the message and fired back a message of her own.

“luv you too. Miss you so much. Come home and visit soon!”

Brandon smiled at the message from Kelly and turned his thoughts to tomorrow. It would be a day of getting to know about his schedule and learning about the school and navigating through all of the buildings. Tomorrow was orientation and a welcome reception in the main hall. He was looking forward to getting busy and earning the title of “Architectural Engineer”.

Jason told Brandon that he was going to take a look around and invited him to come along but Brandon let him know that he was tired and planned to just take it easy for the rest of the evening.  Jason left the room and Brandon quickly drifted off to sleep.

Crash! Bang! A burst of laughter, voices. Brandon was awaken abruptly. The smell of alcohol permeated the room and he could hear a commotion next to him behind the half wall. He could hear laughter and wrestling bodies and the bed knocking against the wall. It was Jason having sex with some girl right next to him. This was too much. What time was it anyways? Brandon reached for his cell phone. It was 3AM.

Brandon wasn’t sure what to do about it so he just rolled over and pulled his pillow over his ears and hoped that she would be gone before he got up. He managed to fall back asleep until 8AM. He was relieved to find Jason passed out in his bed and the girl absent. He made his way to the bathroom and was startled to find the naked girl standing at the bathroom mirror admiring herself.

She turned towards him with a sly smile and said, “Hmm, I should have gone for the roommate instead! I’m Sherry, Nice to meet your acquaintance and you are?”

“Uh, I’m Brandon. I need to get in here and take a shower. Can you put some clothes on and let me in please?” Brandon stammered.

“By all means, come on in. We can shower together and save water!” she teased.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea! Can I get in there please?” Brandon pleaded.

“Okay spoil sport! Have it your way!” she pouted, exiting the bathroom.

Brandon grabbed his clothes, a towel and his shower gel and he locked the door behind him.  This was going to be a lot more difficult than he thought. He might just have to find a place off campus if he was going to make this work for himself. The girl was pretty and she had a great body but she turned him off by the way she exposed herself without any self-worth.  How could she just hop into bed with a guy she had just met and have sex while some other guy is in the room and what kind of guy was this Jason fellow anyways? Early signs were telling him to get out as fast as he could. He had saved up a bit of money over the summer and he could probably find himself a job locally pretty quick to afford a small apartment nearby. He set his mind to a new plan of attaining complete freedom and privacy off-campus.

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