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I need *something* new and exciting sounds a bit better

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Amanda Krumme Amanda Krumme
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Life gives you Lemons

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She had a friend.

*knock knock* Now who could that be?

"It's me, Life, here to deliver your lemons."

Oh, no. Not lemons again. I've grown so tired of lemonade. If only Life would show up on my door step carrying a bushel of apples or a few cases of diet coke..

"Are you going to open the door, Amanda?"

Oh, I suppose. *Opens door*  Hello, Life. How do you do?

"You tell me. How am I doing?"

You're doing an adequate job... I have enough lemons to quench my thirst for quite a while... though I must say you could be doing a hell of a lot better.

"Oh.. and how is that, pray tell"

Why is it you only bring lemons? I've grown tired of the same old thing. I need new and exciting. I need more. 1 comment

"I bring lemons because lemons are a give away. A freebe. Everyone gets lemons, Amanda. If you need new and exciting rewards, then you need a new and exciting Life."

Some wonderful advice, Life. I dare say, we may be going our seperate ways soon. I've enjoyed your company over the years, but I think it's time I get a new Life. One that hands me more than lemons.

"Do what you must, and good luck on your journey. If your ever in a rut.. you know who to call."

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